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In a highly competitive world, there is no industry that isn’t cut-throat about its measure of success. Every firm wants an employee that has it all and every new entrepreneur needs to have something unique to last. It’s nothing special anymore just being a college graduate if you don’t have more relevant skills to bring to the table. 

So when do you start developing skills? The answer to this is as early as possible. The burden of this lies on your parents but it’s going to one of the most rewarding investments. The next question is what skills should my child develop? The answer is that the range is endless. It could be a language, a sport, a dance troupe.

However, if you hope that your child pursues computer sciences someday then we have just the program for your little ones. The future is dominated by Artificial Intelligence, by computer languages, and digital technologies. The sooner you open the world of coding to your child, the better.

UCode is a programming academy providing coding education for children ages 8 to 18. Their mission is simple: it’s to curb the inequality between opportunity and income by teaching children a wide range of computer languages so that they aren’t left behind when the jobs of the future will require them to work with all kinds of intelligent software and programs. 

Types of Coding Languages Taught at UCode

Starter Courses

Parents Course: This is for parents to acquaint themselves with basic coding languages so that they understand and stay up to date with their child’s progress.

Introduction to Coding: Designed for children ages 6-8, this course covers basic concepts to make the foundation concrete.

Python Coding: Python is one of the ruling computer languages globally. Designed for kids ages 8-10, it’s a bit more on the technical side because it employs plain English in its own language while using symbols and numbers. Your child will develop computational thinking and writing real code which is the primary objective of this course.

HTML/CSS Coding: For kids ages 12-17, the course introduces them to write alongside pure code for the most common coding language in the world.

Advanced Courses


Designed for children ages 12-17, this course aims to develop a wholesome and in-depth understanding of JavaScript. JavaScript is an eco-system of extensive frameworks and complex libraries. Everything you have seen on social media when it comes to fancy scrolling effects, animations, dashboards etc. is all powered by JavaScript. Even desktop and mobile applications use it. This goes to show that this course on javascript for kids is one of the most lucrative investments you can make.

Python Fundamentals

Designed for children ages 16-17, Python is one of the most revered coding languages currently. Python employs intuitive commands of the likes of ‘print’ , ‘with’ , ‘while’ , ‘for’ , ‘if’ , and ‘try’. The concepts that your child will get to learn over the 16-week duration of this course is variables and expressions, conditional statements, nested loops, parameters, conditional operators, and many more.

You should be able to give a good life to your children but it’s also just as important to lay the seeds for a bright future. The modern world and its future runs on technology and technology functions on code. Coding will empower your kids to be creators and not consumers. 

They will understand control by creating the tools they require. It’s a marketable skill, it opens a behemoth of opportunities, and they just might be able to be involved in world-changing projects. They will also develop problem-solving skills.

So what are you waiting for? Get your little ones to sign up!

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