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Donation of blood during pregnancy and its effects

According to the American Red Cross, during pregnancy women’s are not, eligible to donate blood. This system also advises that women at least wait for six months after pregnancy and after six months she can donate blood but there is an exception if there is a need for blood transfusion in case of high-risk pregnancy then only can it is possible with doctors permission. Blood donation during pregnancy is a risk factor which can be harmful to the baby as well as for the mother. It is very important to consult with doctors regarding blood donation during pregnancy.

Blood donation- asocial work

Blood donation is a divine work. Many people have many diseases and nowadays many of them are related to blood. Many people need a blood transfusion, so, for this reason, people donate blood. Blood donation is social work and a good job. People who are interested to give blood to the people they need to fulfill some criteria to donate blood. The most important criteria for blood donation is, a person should be fit and healthy. For that reason, people gave a medical certificate regarding the health condition and during pregnancy, women cannot donate blood as it is a risk factor for the baby, and also for the mother.

Blood donation during pregnancy

Blood donation during pregnancy is a very risky one. It can harm the body of the mother and as well as harm the baby. During pregnancy, if there is a deficiency of blood in the body then the development and growth of the fetus or the baby will get interrupted. It is utterly risky to donating blood during pregnancy. But if anyone wants to donate umbilical cord blood after pregnancy, one can donate it to the public blood bank and may help others. This cord is useful for the people who have life-threatening diseases like leukemia, sickle cell disease, and disorders of the immune system.

Disadvantages of blood donation during pregnancy

Doctors usually not give permission for blood donation during for pregnancy. During pregnancy the extra blood which produces in the mother’s body it sustains the life of the baby. It also stressed the circulation of the baby. There is no clear reason behind this but during pregnancy, if there is anemia detect in the body then it hampers the life of the baby, and it makes complications during pregnancy.


Doctors are prescribed and advised that during the breastfeeding period a mother cannot donate blood. Though Australian Red Cross refer that one can donate blood after the nine months of childbirth. During the breastfeeding period, doctors recommend that a mother cannot donate blood because through breastfeeding infants are getting essential nutrients and if blood is donated during this period this flow of nutrients transmission get hampered. So these nine month after child birth is sufficient to replenish the iron content in the blood of the mother. If anyone wants to Donating blood while pregnant then, she should consult with the doctor or wait for the recommended period.

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