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Is excessive stress at workplace hampering your productivity, performance and also affecting your physical health? Minimal work stress is normal, but if it is overpowering you, then you need to take some de-stressing action. Else in no time, you will be on medications. 

We will guide you here with the various effective ways of managing stress and leading a healthy and balanced life. 

Schedule Your Day

Time management is very important to complete your tasks in a timely manner without feeling much pressure. Most people work by keeping forcing them to do all tasks by stretching their working hours. Do you think it is helping you? No! As your energy level goes down after a certain limit, it affects your productivity. After overstressing at work, you are not left with any time and energy to enjoy your family life. 

Instead of managing everything on your own, you can hire a virtual receptionist to manage your working schedule. They can help in handling your clients by taking calls and messages and forwarding to you only the important ones. This reduces half of your pressure and helps in increasing your productivity as well. 

Set Priorities

Clarify your deadlines and set clear objectives by prioritizing your tasks. It is important to understand what task is important and which can be postponed. Check your progress on a daily basis and adjusts goals accordingly. Break bigger tasks into smaller ones and adjust the time to work on important tasks uninterruptedly. 

Do you think every task is a priority? If you think so things won’t work out if you keep pushing yourself unrealistically. Set realistic goals and learn to say no to yourself and protect your mind and body from feeling pressurized. 

Seek Help When Required

If you are feeling overburdened with work, there is nothing wrong in seeking the help of your co-employees. Talk to them and see if they can help and remember to help them in their times of need.

The more isolated your stay, the higher are the chances of being in a stressed state. So, be social in the workplace and try to engage more with your colleagues. It helps, as you can share your work stress with them. You never know when someone eases your tension with really great ideas. 

Sleep Well

Do you think cutting down on your sleeping hours for managing work helps? No, it reduces your focusing ability and problem-solving skills, which in turn hampers your productivity.

Quality sleep is very important for staying active and healthy, full day long. It would be good if you take eight hours of sleep, it will give enough time to your body to get reenergized. Turn off the screens before going to your bed. Light from phone, television, computers, etc. disrupts melatonin production- the hormone responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. 

Exercise and Eat Well

Support your body with a healthy and nutritious diet and adequate amount of exercise. It makes your body ready to handle stress effectively. You will feel energized, and your mood gets lifted, making you feel better. 

Regular exercise increases your heart rate that results in increasing energy and sharpens your focus. This relaxes the mind and body. Eat small but eat frequently. It helps to maintain your blood sugar and keeps you energized and focused by preventing mood swings. 

Here it is necessary to note that, when you feel stressed, avoid cravings for fatty, salty or sweet foods like burger, pizza, ice cream, etc. 

Try these tips and see how they help and work to manage your stress. 

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