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Many people try to copy every fleeting trend – without thinking if it’s going to look good on them or not. Not everyone can afford a stylist or a brutally honest friend who can save you from making huge mistakes while shopping. Different types of dresses look good on short heighted people and different dresses look good on tall people. 

If you are short, this is what you should never buy.

Low Waist Cropped Pants

The rule of thumb for any short girl is to wear clothes that do not split your body into half (think sexy black romper or jumpsuit). Thus, wearing low waist jeans can bring about a paradoxical effect, making you look stouter; since it divides your body into half. The trick is to wear high waist jeans and elongate your legs. Even so, avoid cropped jeans for again, they tend to cut the legs into half. You may hold your hems and wear jeans that are cropped just above your ankle. Moreover, opt for darker washes to create the illusion of longer pelvis and legs.

Loose Dresses with Long Tails

Loose dresses do not define your silhouette – in fact, they even fail to emphasize where your bodice ends and legs begin. Thus, creating a very uniform, uninteresting look that make you seem shorter. Moreover, long tails can also eat up much of your figure and highlight your shorter frame. If you would still like a tail to your dress, make sure that it is in proportion with your size. Loose dresses can be styled into wrap dresses by tying thin belts above your waistline.

Big Prints and Horizontal Stripes

Tiny girls tend to lose their silhouette when they opt for outfits with massive prints and patterns – experimenting with different styles is great, but don’t go for huge geometrical, floral or even abstract patterns that tend to occupy half of the dress. Horizontal stripes make one look shorter and wider – thus, whether you are short with a petite, hour-glass or pear-shaped body type, skip these patterns altogether! Vertical stripes and clothes with minimalistic and miniature prints look more flattering and put together.  

Ankles Strap Shoes and Humongous Platforms

You might think that huge platforms may be a convenient option for days when you don’t want to walk around in heels and also manage to look tall – but this plan can backfire horribly, especially, if you are a petite, short girl. Huge platforms will emphasis your shortness by drawing more attention to your feet that would look bulky and your legs will look shorter in comparison. Similarly, ankle strap heels will cut your feet and legs into half – the well-demarcated line will create a stubbier illusion.

Oversized Bags and Belts

Although, short women are encouraged to highlight their waist by wearing belts, especially above their waistline and with wrap dresses – but oversized belts can have a reverse effect. Wearing belts more than two or three inches wide with bright colors can chop off the size of your waist and split your body into half. This completely defies the rule of thirds mentioned earlier and makes your silhouette stouter. If you are a fan of belts, then opt for thin ones or one that you can tie-on your wrap dresses. Similarly, disproportionately huge bags can make your frame seem tinier than it is – since, our brain tends to access things relating to each other. Thus, carrying a bag well-proportioned to your body size can save you from this illusion. Opt for tote bags and satchels – while you can carry a clutch at parties.  

Tone Down the Accessories

This one could be a bumper for all you bling enthusiasts – but chunky accessories can weigh you down, make sure that you select minimalist pieces instead. Gaudy necklaces can make your neck look shorter than what it already is. If you are still fond of them, opt for statement necklaces that are not heaped with several, thick chains. And pair these up with plunging necklines or a V-neck shirt to make to elongate your torso. Similarly, huge earrings can draw unnecessary attention to your neck and make it look shorter – avoid these too. As well as hefty bracelets that cover up a great length of your arm leaving lesser exposed skin – this gives an illusion of shorter limbs.

Finally, styling can take time to get things right – but make sure that you are not blindly following Instagram models or self-proclaimed fashion gurus. And above all, wear your confidence!


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