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The budget, 2021-22, provides great certainty for the property industry. New government regulations are being developed that will change the way people think about property development in the long run. We can plan for favorable outcomes in the property market if we expect good. Budget 2021-2022 has several consequences, some of which are listed below.

Incentives for Pakistan real estate capital smart city!

Government assistance to the construction industry

In its 2021-22, the Pakistani government allocated assistance for the property and building industries. In this budget, the government has decreased taxes and set aside money to help construction and related enterprises. According to a government official, it attempts to resurrect the country’s economic development and provide job possibilities. The cement FED has also been decreased from Rs 2 down to Rs 1.75 per kilogram. These benefits will have a good impact on the construction sector. The building business has a greater capacity to contribute to the country. All construction-related businesses will directly profit, and the significant economic expansion will be an accomplishment.

Incentives in the Capital Market

The government provides capital market benefits in the Budget 2021-22 by implementing credible recommendations from the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX), including lowering capital gains tax (CGT) on stocks disposal. By the first half of last year, there were obvious signs of economic revival. Given the existing circumstances, however, the road to long-term sustained development is expected to take some time, yet rehabilitation efforts are well begun. However, we can see how beneficial these capital market advantages have been in meeting our objectives. Pakistan has immense potential if sound capital market structural adjustments are implemented.

The resurrection of the Amnesty Scheme

Persons, organizations of people, and corporations that declared their assets underneath the scheme generated up to $1 billion in tax income in 2018. Currently, the government is not looking into the source of construction funding. In 2021, the state will maintain the fixed tax on builder sales while lowering taxes on low-income house purchasing by up to 90%. However, because the global pandemic’s impact is waning, the government may decide to reinstate the amnesty program. This action is expected from the administration to encourage more money to flow into the development business.

The Tourism Sector in Baluchistan

Throughout the fiscal year 2021-22 budget, the government of Balochistan province has cast aside a large amount for the development and promotion of the province’s tourism sector. Baluchistan’s government is taking novel initiatives to develop and improve tourism infrastructures in the province’s many tourist destinations. Because the proposed initiatives will attract both tourists & investors concerned in investing in the province’s coastal areas, there are favorable circumstances to be enjoyed due to them. The new projects will enhance tourist facilities such as hotels, restrooms, and restaurants and create more tourist information centers to provide passengers with useful information.

Property Rates in Punjab Have Been Revised:

The Punjab government has decided to revise property pricing for the 2021-2022 budget after consulting with stakeholders in their respective regions. Three different property valuation rates are now in use.

  • The first to be alerted is FBR.
  • The second evaluation rate for each district is announced by the district’s DC.
  • The third assessment frequency is the real property evaluation rate based on the property’s true market value.

The Punjab Board of Revenue made a formal statement to all deputy commissioners and deputy collectors, declaring that collectors have the authority to notify the costs of properties in their purview.

Effect of Petroleum Prices

The Prime Minister has decided to retain petroleum commodity costs unchanged as they were on May 1, 2021, to help citizens. The government must change the Petroleum Levy & Sales Tax on SKO and LDO to maintain the same prices. Lower oil prices have a long-term favorable influence on the economy. Thus this move sets the stage for positive outcomes. Even though the government loses a significant amount of money, conventional wisdom says that when people spend less money at the gas station, they will transfer it somewhere else, as if by some unbreakable law of arithmetic and economics. The aggregate economic activity is influenced by millions of different choices, many of which are driven by psychology.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme gets a tax break.

The Prime Minister has put down the groundwork for the National Housing Scheme (NPHS), which will provide low-cost accommodation to Pakistanis. The government believes that the housing sector is capable of coping with the country’s problems. The Prime Minister believes that his housing initiative will help the country’s economy and banking industry. The government paid PKR 30 billion in subsidies to the Naya Pakistan Housing Authority. This incentive is part of the relief package in Budget 2021-22, and its consequences will be positive for the country. The middle class will have good homes, unemployment will fall, and the market will regain momentum.


In the aftermath of the epidemic, Pakistan has faced numerous economic and developmental issues. Every industry has seen losses, but they are progressively regaining their footing. Construction and real estate are among the lucky industries to receive subsidies as well as other developmental facilities in the budget for 2021-2022. Because businesses eventually reincarnate, the next six months will be vital and beneficial for realtors & property organizations.

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