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The importance of giveaways of promotional products can not be denied at all. Because they play a key role in making people familiar with a certain brand and help that brand boost it’s sales to a remarkable extent.

Thais is the reason why all major and top selling brands focus more towards giveaways of promotional products. Different brands feature different categories and types of promotional products depending upon their nature.

So, the promotional products and their giveaways can be termed as major participants and determinants of the success of a brand. That’s why if you want your brand to be promoted faster, then you need to pay your concentration towards promotional products as well as giveaways.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the type of promotional products you need to select for your brand. The product you choose for your brand can be as simple as personalized logo pins. While it can also be a cell phone, laptop or even a piece of clothing.

Here are 10 custom logo trade show giveaways that you can adopt in 2021.

Tote bags:

Bags can work efficiently in promoting your brand. Especially if we talk about tote bags, it would be a great idea to have your brand’s logo or mark printed or emblazoned on them.

With the modernization and fashion development, the role of tote bags has become more significant.That why people now days focus more towards these type sofa bags. With the passage of time, more and more verities of tote bags are being introduced.

So, you can take tote bags as promotional products for your brands.

Audio devices and gadgets:

Using the modern and high quality audio gadgets and devices as promotional products, you may also promote your brand. The audio devices and products that you may use for this purpose include the Bluetooth speakers mainly. However, you may also add wireless headphones as well to this category.

The importance of these audio devices as promotional products can be estimated from the fact that majority of the people now days are seen using these devices no matter at which place they are. Moreover, the pandemic has limited and restricted the people to their homes.

Thus, they spend most of the time listening music and programs at their homes. That’s why, you need to prefer these devices as promotional products.


If we talk about the active modes of advertisement or promotion of a certain brand or it’s products, no other product can beat stickers in their effectiveness. The reason behind it is their versatile nature and wide range of products.

Stickers can be used in different fields and for different purposes. For example, whether it is stationery items of children or the locomotives for elders, the stickers are equally helpful. So, you can get stickers with your brand name by hiring custom sticker printing services.

Stationery items:

The products like notebooks, pens and similar other stationery items can also work as a means of promotion or advertisement of your brand or products. What makes these products more efficient source of promotion of your brand is their enhanced reach and capability to have more users.

So, similar to other products, these items can also be taken as source of promotional giveaways.

Power banks and other similar gadgets:

We know well that low power or battery of the cell phones is one of the major and frequently faced problems. So, people are always in search of gadgets or instruments that may help them in overcoming this problem.

Some of the potential gadgets of this category include power banks, portable chargers, etc. So, they may make the selection of promotional products easier for you.

Cell phone accessories:

As most of the researches and modern studies have revealed that number of cell phone users is increasing at exponential rate and it will go on increasing day by day. And it will automatically enhance the demand for new cell phone accessories as well.

This factor makes the cell phone accessories a suitable option as promotional products. So, these accessories can also be considered as suitable promotional products.

Bottles and cans:

Having the logo of your brand on the tins, bottles and cans is also a factor that boosts the promotion for your brand. For instance, reusable water bottles with some specific features like insulation and pipes can attract people more. Similar is the case of tins and cans of beverages.

As we know that the cans have a greater reach to the people especially the teenagers, so by printing your company’s logo on these cans can help you amazingly in promoting your brand.


The products like lip balm and chapstickare more considerable promotional products especially in the cold areas. In these areas, the cold and harsh weather affects the lips and people go for options like lip balm and chapstick in order to avoid the dryness of lips.

You may easily observe the chapsticks in the hand of everyone during winters. So, you can take benefit from this by printing your logo on chapsticks and distribute them as promotional products.


As we know, theproducts like snacks and candies used for the purpose of refreshment are seen most frequently in the hands of kids and teenagers. It means that they have more customer or audience approach.

Adding the symbols or logos of your brand to the snacks can also boost the advertisement of your brand.

Customized T-shirts:

In addition to the products mentioned above, T shirts can also boost the advertisement of your brand. But, before printing the logo of your brand on T shirts have an estimate that what size they should be of, keeping in view the average sizes.

So, don’t forget to add T shirts to the collection of your brand’s promotional products.


When it comes to the promotional giveaways, the most crucial step is the selection of products for this purpose. For example, the products like personalised logo pins can help you in this regard.

However, you may also choose stickers by hiring custom sticker printing services. The promotional products mentioned in this article are among the most productive and practical ones, so you may choose one of them you feel comfortable with.

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