Mon. May 20th, 2024
Egypt Will Host the 2021 World Handball Championship

It’s no surprise that sports fans didn’t have it easy this year. Because of the pandemic, the possibility of attending sports events or watching them has decreased considerably and most sports events have been canceled or delayed. Some events have been happening without fans in the crowd, to prevent the spread of the virus. But still, watching a live stream of a game is not the same as being there in person. 

People who are eager to find the latest handball betting odds would surely love to see an event physically, and they may have the chance in 2021 if things improve. The 2021 World Handball Championship was announced to take place in Egypt. Hassan Moustafa, the International Handball Federation President, hopes that it will be possible for the event to happen in front of the fans. 

Plans for After the Pandemic

The IHF President has high hopes that people will be able to leave their houses to attend the handball event instead of watching it on a live stream. Considering everyone has had to suffer due to COVID-19 in a way or another, he hopes this event could be a good way for people to feel better after having to endure so many things. 

At the same time, the organizers are aware of the threat of the virus and are still considering it and making things safe for everyone. 

“Despite this pandemic, I remain optimistic about the championship’s success,” the IHF president said. “Egypt has proved on numerous occasions that it is fully capable of hosting tournaments, and the country has extensive experience in this field, especially when it comes to handball. I hope we will have the opportunity to hold the tournament with fans in attendance, in light of the current global health situation, as we have implemented adequate precautionary measures for the teams and the fans. We eagerly anticipate a superb organizational performance in Egypt, based on the simple fact that all the participants will return to their home countries as ambassadors for Egypt. I sincerely hope Egypt 2021 will be one of the best tournaments ever organized.”

Where to Find Event Details?

You can simply access the site and find details about the upcoming event. The site has both English and Arabic translations. You will find photo galleries, news, and information about the teams that will participate. 

Not to mention, you will also find tickets to purchase after a while. 

Final Thoughts

The draw for the event’s first stage is supposed to happen on September 5. It will be exciting waiting for it to start, and people will once again have the chance to place handball bets.

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