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Top Ten Highest-Paid Footballers

Everyone loves to watch football and footballers. People across multiple countries are driven to watch football games yearly live. Similarly, footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo are the ones that pique our interest. That’s because of their caliber, and the amount of money they earn every year with the games they play and win.

In this blog, we will significantly list the top 10 hot-shot footballers who are the highest-paid footballers in 2020, irrespective of the games being held or played.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Without any doubt, we place him in the first place in the world to be the richest footballer in 2020. Even Forbes magazines have recently informed him to replace Lionel Messi. He now bears the net worth of around 105-106 million USD. 

Out of which, 60 million comes from his salary or payment for the games he plays. While, the remaining part of 45 million reportedly comes the brand endorsements. 

Lionel Messi

According to the latest numbers published by Forbes, his net worth accounts to be exactly around 104 million dollars. He’s just slightly behind Cristiano Ronaldo. He is in the top 3rd position as the highest-earning athlete in the world, otherwise. The 1st is, of course, a Tennis player, Roger Federer.


Neymar has 95.5 million USD net worth reported by many news channels and magazines online. He is our hot Brazilian footballer who earns simply $25 million out of the total $95.5 million of his net worth from the regular endorsements with top brands of the world.

Globally, he’s at 4th rank to be the highest-earning athlete.

Mohamed Salah

He’s our Liverpool star in the 4th position of the global footballers who are earning the highest. He earns around 35.1 million USD as per the digits printed in Forbes and other magazines online.

This Egyptian player is the highest-earning footballer in the Premier League as well. 

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian earns 33.8 million US dollars this year as per the Forbes published numbers for these footballers’ net worth. However, globally, he’s quite far. 

As per the official sources, this footballer is at the 36th overall position in the list of highest-earning athletes around the globe.

However, he’s just 21 years of age right now. He has a lot of scope to beat the others on the list in the coming years. Moreover, he’s already won the French World Cup at this age, making him a start player already.

Andres Iniesta

He’s the most famous Barcelona legend who is playing for Vessel Kobe, Japan these days. He’s accounted to earn 29.6 million USD in 2020. Out of this net worth, he earns 26.6 million USD as his basic pay or the salary he gets from playing regular matches. The remaining chunk of 3 million USD comes from endorsements he handles.

Mesut Ozil

He’s your Arsenal player, world-famous already with his 49th rank in the global list of highest-earning athletes. Currently, he’s accounted to earn 28.7 million USD in 2020.

Out of that, 23.3 comes from the earnings of his gameplays, and 5.5 comes from the endorsements he’s in agreement with to endorse. 

Paul Pogba

He hails from the Manchester United club, earning close to 28.5 million US dollars in 2020. Out of this net worth, he’s bound to earn 23 million US dollars from his salary or fees to play the matches. Besides that, endorsements will get him around 5 million US dollars easily this year.


He plays for Shanghai SIPG and is bound to earn 27.5 million USD this year. Breaking this amount further, he will get 25.8 from regular matches and 1.7 from the advertisement or endorsement contracts.

Worldwide, he’s at 56th rank as of now in the list of the global highest-earning athletes.

Antoine Griezmann 

He’s the Barcelona star player who is bound to earn roughly about $26.7 million in 2020. After all, Forbes has listed the digits after careful research for the footballers’ income.

He will earn approximately 21.2 million USD from the games he will play or has already played in 2020. Otherwise, he’s going to earn a whopping amount of 5.5 million USD merely from the ads and brand endorsements.

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