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Walking down on the aisle wearing a white gown with a perfect wedding bouquet seems so dreamy for a bride. This leaves a big and fine impression on the audience. According to some professional wedding designers, a bouquet on the bride’s hand holds great importance. It is one of the most basic aspects to complete a bride’s look. Whether it is a queen, princess, or a normal lady, the wedding bouquet should be fine and handpicked to make sure it matches the bride’s style and personality.

If you are getting married soon and you are almost done with buying things for the big day, then you should move to the next step to select the best wedding bouquet that can add more beauty to your dress and entire look. To help you with the finished look, here is a list of finest bouquets that can go well with your style. 


  • Composite


This perfectly styled bouquet is for brides with a simple look for classic weddings. However, they are pretty expensive, and hundreds of petals are strung together to give a luxurious touch. 


  • Round


The round bouquet is the most traditional wedding bouquet that brides commonly use across the globe. It is less expensive and includes the seasonal blooms to give it a fine touch. Along with that, this bouquet is designed to add a spring touch to the whole thing. Round wedding bouquets hardly have any greenery, twigs, or leaves. It mostly has a similar type of blossoms, more commonly white, that makes it more exquisite. In case you want to make it more customized, you can simply ask the Florist Costa Mesa CA to add flowers with different shades and colors. This customization can help you match it perfectly with the type of dress you are wearing or the groom’s tie.


  • Biedermeier


For elegant brides, Biedermeier is the perfect go-to wedding bouquet. It is not round, but the flowers are encircled and arranged in a concentric and circular form to give an interesting look. Along with that, the florists commonly use flowers with contrasting colors for this bouquet. They are arranged more symmetrically than the other type of bouquets. This is simply the best bouquet for the brides who want to carry a simple and elegant look without including other materials in their bouquet. 


  • Nosegay


Do you want a wedding bouquet with clustered flowers? A nosegay is a perfect option for you then. It includes multiple flowers with a variety of colors and fresh leaves. You can use a lot of greens in this type of bouquet and slightly wrap it with a matching ribbon. The nosegay bouquet went very common in the 90s when the fashion models used them on the ramps to finish off their wedding look. They are not round like the round bouquet, but they are more relaxed and ideal for the brides who love nature and the natural essence of a garden or a greenhouse.


  • Posy


Similar to the nosegay bouquet, posy bouquets are much smaller in size, and they are easier to handle and carry. At some weddings, brides are often disturbed by holding things like small clutches or bouquets in hand, but the posy bouquets are simply perfect. They are even called the most charming bouquet styles that can go well with beach weddings. More specifically, they are ideal for open area or outdoor venues where the bride can easily walk around with a posy bouquet in her hand. 


  • Cascade


If you are not obsessed with cascade bouquets already, then wonder what you have been doing these days. Well, this is the most popular and commonly known bouquet that was carried by Lady Diana, who held it the best way among other brides. This bouquet is perfect to go with elegant styles and depict royalty. 

Do you wonder why it is called cascade? This bouquet is specially designed that holds a unique style to make it fancier than ever. The twigs and flowers cascade down from the bottom to the bride’s gown. 


  • Presentation


The name presentation itself explains that this bouquet is worth buying. And due to its beautiful style, it is more commonly known as pageant wedding and arm sheath bouquet. They are fully customized to make sure they go well with the bride’s gown and the groom’s outfit. Along with that, this bouquet has more greens in it that include stems, twigs, and clustered leaves for a fine presentation. Due to the fine look, the presentation bouquets are the best ones to go with glamorous brides to steal the spotlight.


  • Pomander


Pomander looks like a ball and often called a kissing ball that is carried to bring love and peace between the newly married couple.


To make your wedding day memorable, go with the finely crafted bouquets. And for more knowledge about the right type of bouquet that goes with your personality, the ones mentioned above are ideal to look into.

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