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Electrical Safety Tips for Holidays to Keep Everyone Safe

The holiday season is a time for joy and celebration for the entire community in Keller. Before you even know, your evening drives around town will be lit by Christmas lights. We all have gone through a tough year and deserve a bit of joy and celebration and what better way to do that by celebrating Christmas and New Year. Part of this is decorating your home with lights, both inside and outside. Even if you have already set up your holiday decorations, it is good to review your work to keep your family safe around all the electricity you’ve or are likely using. If any issue arises, you can always call in an electrician Keller to investigate. 

Here are a few essential electrical safety tips to follow for the holidays.

Inspect Lights and Decorations

Before you hang any electrical decorations, ensure to inspect them for cracked insulation, exposed wiring, broken fixtures, or other potential safety hazards. Additionally, check for damaged sockets and loose connections as well as it can cause fire or a serious shock. Once you have confirmed all your electrical decorations are okay, count how many electrical outlets you have and where they are located. Plan out your display based on it and when putting up the display, follow manufacturers use instructions. It is advised to avoid using staples, nails, or any product that could damage the wiring. 

Don’t Overload Electrical Outlets

Every year many homeowners in Keller and elsewhere end up overloading the electrical outlets because they go overboard when it comes to decorating. Faulty wires and overloading is the most common cause of fire outbreak during the holidays. Ensure to plug a single high-wattage appliance into one outlet. It is safest to use Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) electrical outlet for your holiday decorations. This helps prevent overloading the outlets. If you do not have a GFI outlet, then call electrician in Keller for installation.

Never Connect More Than 3 Incandescent Lights

This is a crucial thing to remember, as connecting more than three strings can trip circuit breakers or cause a fire. You can buy LED lights, which are cooler than incandescent and use less energy. In addition to this, the spotlights you use to illuminate decorations are flammable items that need to be protected from weather and well-ventilated. Turn off all your electrical decorations before leaving home or sleeping. 

Check Safety Alarms

Ensure that all your smoke detectors or alarms have fresh batteries and that you have a sufficient number of safety devices placed near the Christmas tree as well as throughout your home. Consult manufacturer instructions for recommendations, or contact your local electrician for further guidance.

Other Safety Tips

Keep all extension cords and light strings away from water and snow. Also, ensure that any electrical decorations and extension cords you want to use outdoors are not damaged. When decorating outdoors, use fiberglass or wooden ladders rather than metal ladders. Also, as mentioned above, plug outdoor decorations and electric lights into circuits protected by circuit interrupters.

These are a few electrical safety tips to follow for the holiday season to keep your home and loved ones safe. If any issue arises like circuit breakers trip, humming sound, lights flicker when you turn on certain appliances, or your electrical systems are warm to touch, then call Mr. Electric Of Fort Worth immediately. As a local company, they are devoted to the community in Keller and have certified electrician Keller to look after all your electrical care needs at an affordable price. Visit our website now.

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