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Email marketing, which involves delivering a promotional message to a group of people online, is one of the most successful in web marketing media. It is an excellent way to reach the client base and customers cost-effectively.

Emails are very personal and prove to be very useful in reaching the target audience. As email marketing is constantly adjusting with technology advancement, it is paramount for enterprises to stay on top of their email marketing game.

Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know For 2020

1.      Accessible Design

Design accessibility means emphasizing on real text in HTML and less on all-image email templates.

Here are some pointers:

  • Use suitable font sizes
  • Build a strong visual hierarchy within your email
  • Use real text HTML
  • Know text justification
  • Enhance line spacing
  • Incorporate high contrasting colors for user experience

2.      Accessible content

Keep your emails brief and to-the-point to hold your reader’s attention. Use shorter sentences and avoid complicated words and too much jargon. Also, localize your content for global audiences.

3.      Personalize your emails

While personalization isn’t exactly new for 2020, it keeps changing and becoming an essential aspect of email programs.

You need to consider what user data you have to personalize your emails effectively. Focus on user behavior if you have a vast engaged portion of your email. For users who hardly open your emails, customize content through a re-engagement email campaign.

4.      Avoid Unsubscribes with relevance

Although many customers accept email from brands during interaction, more are frequently unsubscribing when the email promotion fails to live up expectations.

Many people will unsubscribe if they aren’t interested in the product or if they keep receiving promotional emails after they have already purchased from the brand.

Never ask your existing customers to join a rewards program. You will not get the ROI you want, and you will frustrate your loyal customers.

5.      Artificial Intelligence

SMBs can hardly keep up with multi-million companies when it comes to adopting advanced personalized strategies. Artificial intelligence hence provides the answer.

Most artificial intelligence tools offer free basic packages and a small fee for advanced features. As customers expect high level of personalization, an artificial intelligence tool will help SMBs attain their goals most efficiently and cost-effectively.

6.      User-generated content [UGC]

User-generated content is any form of content whether in text, visual or audio created by your product’s end-user.

UGC promotes user engagement by motivating your consumers to contribute content through email, which then improves conversion. Statistically, consumers consider user-generated reviews particularly helpful, and more than half of consumers will look at reviews and ratings before purchasing a product.

It is very easy to collect user-generated content straightaway through email marketing. Knowing how to go about it to gather feedback will be a good starting point for your email marketing campaign.

7.      Use catchy email subject lines

Most email recipients open an email based on the subject line. Use power words in this line and personalize it. Also, incorporate numbers and statistics into the subject line as people seem to be enticed by statistics.

Also, avoid using emojis and all-caps subject line and ensure that you test the subject line before sending the email out.

8.      Develop a brand voice

Establish your unique brand voice to set you apart from your competitors. A unique brand voice makes your emails stand out among the large number of promotional and marketing emails.

Use tone to match the vibe of your brand and to make customers believe in it. This is an effective way to increase conversion rates in email marketing.


Email marketing continues to evolve, and the advancements will allow marketers to be more impactful in their businesses and niches. Applying the above tips will position your emails to stand out and be acted on in 2020. Note this form of marketing should be part of your overall digital marketing campaign in 2020 and beyond.







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