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In the realm of digital marketing, keyword research is still one of the most effective strategies for driving business growth online. It’s a prominent feature behind every SEO strategy. We already know that SEO is about increasing web traffic through the use of targeted keywords and phrases. So let’s take a moment to examine the types of keywords that are used in SEO.

Types Of Keywords

  • Keywords

Keywords refer to the words and phrases people use when searching for information and products online. These words and phrases are incorporated into SEO strategies through blogging and copywriting. So when someone searches for a keyword used in your content, your website will appear in their search results.

  • Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are search phrases that contain three words or more. They are more specific search terms that are effective in targeting niche audiences with specific requirements. Internet users tend to use long tail keywords when they’re close to making a purchase.

An Example Of Long Tail Keywords In Practice

If you own a business that sells dresses, your pages are probably not going to appear at the top of an organic search for “dresses” because there’s too much competition. But if you specialize in formal dresses, using keywords such as “formal dresses with specialization in weddings” is likely to appeal to customers looking for that specific product.

The trick is to match your long tail keywords to users’ search intent. So essentially, your content needs to be appealing (and readable) to people and optimized for search engines.

Why Long Tail Keywords Are Important

Managing long tail keywords is primarily about establishing better lines of communication between your business and people who are already actively looking for what you provide. Whenever someone uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for precisely what they’re going to buy. In almost instance, specific phrase searches are far more likely to convert to sales than general generic searches.

Studies have shown that long-tail keywords significantly increase the organic reach of your digital content and drives traffic to your website. This is because most people tend to use long tail keywords when searching the internet.

The most significant benefit of using long tail words is that they are more specific and less competitive than generic terms. The specificity of long tail helps you to rank highly in search results for popular topics.  They also tend to engage qualified leads, who then convert to customers. This will dramatically increase revenue for your business.

More Reasons To Use Long Tail Keywords In Your SEO Efforts

  • Long Tail Keywords Help To Outrank The Competition

Long tail keywords create more of an impact than single keywords. This means long tail keywords can play an integral part in overtaking the competition. Even if a competitor has a search query covered, you can gain traction with a better-optimized post.

  • People Use Long Tail Keywords To Search The Internet

The entire point of the internet is to present users with the right information based on their searches. Long tail keywords can help you show the right content to a specific target audience.

  • Long Tail Keywords Give Context To Your Content

Google is always adjusting its search algorithms to match exact phrasing. This helps to deepen their search engine’s understanding of context. If Google is focused on long tail keywords to strengthen its search results, so should you.

  • Long Tail Keywords Work Better Than PPC

While a strong PPC campaign can be great, it’s cheaper to research relevant long tail phrases and create blog posts that are related to them. It’s an excellent way to cut costs.

  • Long Tail Can Help You Rank For Single Keywords

Digital marketers ultimately want to rank high in the SERPs for short keywords. Long tail keywords can help you do that. Because long tail phrases generate more specialized traffic, single keywords within the longer phrases will automatically get you to rank higher.

  • Long Tail Keywords Fuel Blog Strategy

Blogging is a vital part of any content marketing strategy. It’s also one of the best ways to rank in SERPs. By using long tail keywords in the correct context within your URL, title tag, and body text, you’re guaranteed to achieve a better SERP ranking and drive traffic to your website.


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