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When it’s time to ask the love of your life if they want to spend the rest of their lives with you, there is likely a feeling of peace that comes over you. You know this person, and they know you, they’re your best friend, and it’s one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever made. Then the nerves set in – how will you plan the perfect proposal and set your love in stone by choosing the ideal engagement ring?


While these decisions can seem nerve-wracking, thankfully, there are plenty of choices for finding the perfect engagement ring in Brisbane that exemplifies your and your partner’s love and taste. You want to put a lot of thought into what kind of ring your beloved will be wearing for the rest of their lives, and you simultaneously want to “wow” them with a ring you know they’d pick for themselves. 


Like wedding trends, these days are twists on old classics, so are engagement ring trends. If your partner is fashion-forward, minimalist, or more traditional – thankfully, there are many trends from which to choose. Let’s look at some of the top engagement ring trends for this year to help lighten the load when it comes to your search.


Love As Deep As The Ocean 


Harking back to the Regency era, pearl engagement rings are in trend right now. While pearl engagement rings require more TLC than a traditional diamond, their symbolism makes up for their delicate and pure beauty. Pearls symbolize purity, loyalty, and integrity. If this sounds like your significant other, pearls make an easy choice. 


If they have a passion for shows like Bridgerton or other costume dramas, this is a ring they’ll be so excited to receive. If you want traditional diamonds, you can always have the pearl set with tiny diamond side stones to give it an added sparkle. You could also search online for estate and antique jewelry to provide them with a one-of-a-kind pearl engagement ring. 


Budget-Friendly “Diamonds” 


Suppose your significant other is someone you know would prefer to rock several carats on “that” finger, but you’re being realistic with your budget. In that case, stones like Moissanite are an excellent alternative. Gems in Kobelli moissanite rings shine like a genuine diamond, and they test the same for durability on the MOHs scale. 


In addition to looking and acting like the real thing, Moissanite engagement rings have no ethical conflict attached to them, which may be something important to you and your potential fiance. Earth-mined diamonds come at an incredible price, not just to the consumer. You can afford a large stone if you go with Moissanite – not to mention this stone sparkles with a brilliance that only the most expensive diamonds do. 


Consider The Setting 


While you need to give thought to the setting you will propose, provide a unique take on your engagement ring setting. Today there are modern takes on traditional ring settings. Suppose you’re going with a solitaire stone look at the East-West setting. This setting works exceptionally well with marquise, opal, and pear-shaped stones. The stone is set on its side instead of the classic vertical position. 


It is modern and beautiful, but it also gives the stone a more prominent appearance than it would if set traditionally. Another setting trend in vogue these days is the “you and me” setting which features your traditional diamond set next to a colored stone, symbolizing the beginning of the future for you two. Popular second stones to pair with the diamonds are salt and pepper diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. 


Emerald Engagement Rings 


Just like the pearl is making its way onto the scene, so are emeralds. A beautiful emerald cut is more expensive than a diamond and certainly more eye-catching. Emerald engagement rings are in style and don’t seem to be going anywhere. You want to choose a setting that includes some smaller diamonds surrounding the emerald and possibly a more modern set. If you are going with an emerald as your particular stone, it’s worth speaking with local jewelers about having a ring made just for your partner. 


Shopping for engagement rings may seem daunting, but jewelers can guide you. Even if you know you’re going to purchase online because of the pricing or availability of styles you’re looking for, it’s worth going into local shops to see with your own eyes to see what you’re investing in. 


The year’s cut is the oval cut, so keep that in mind if your partner is fashion and trend-oriented. Don’t let this part of your planning stress you, and use the above-mentioned to help you start on your journey of finding the perfect ring that shows them how deep your love runs. Congratulations, and here’s to forever!

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