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Following a proper workout routine is all about the right mindset and motivation. It is easier to think about working out when your gym bag is packed with the essentials you need so you can take it along on a moment’s notice. The problem is that not many people are aware of what they need to work out. Some of the must-haves are highlighted below:


The first thing you should add to your workout gear is the right kind of shoes. There are different options available for various exercises, but well-fitting sneakers can be used in almost all activities and they can not only make your workout comfortable but also reduce any risk of injury. FitnessWho advices if you are planning to focus on a specific kind of activity such as weight training or aerobics, it is a better idea to invest in cross-trainers. Hence, give some thought to the kind of exercises you are planning to do and then shop for the gear. 


Looking good and fashionable at the gym is a serious motivator for some people, but the style is not the only thing you should be concerned about. You want to be comfortable during the workout. Therefore, look for fabrics like polyester as they are great at absorbing cotton and help you in staying drier during exercise. Please don’t go for loose clothing because it can pose safety risks when you are using machines and also gets in the way when you exercise. Items that fit well are a good option. 

Nevertheless, you should also take the weather into account, especially when it is an outdoor workout. Wear the appropriate layers either way. Women also need to get a sports bra that enables them to exercise with ease.

Specialty Gear

As mentioned above, the workout gear can vary for different activities and you need to have it handy. There is some specialty gear required in some exercises. For instance, you need to have a swimsuit if you are planning to jump into the pool for your cardio burn, as well as a swim cap and goggles. If you want to get rid of some belly fat, you should use a waist trainer. Likewise, if you want to indulge in a yoga session, you have to have a yoga mat. If you are thinking about lifting some weight, you need to pack your grips – workout gloves in the gym bag.


There are also some extra items that should always be a part of your gym bag that may not relate to your workout directly but are essential. You need gear for the locker room if you intend to shower at the gym and flip-flops for your feet. Also, keep a change of clothes, in case you need to head somewhere else after the gym. Even if you don’t plan on taking a shower, you should have basic toiletries handy like facial towelettes and a deodorant to freshen yourself up.

These days, electronics like a fitness tracker have also become an essential part of workout gear. You can choose the items according to your budget and need to exercise well.

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