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Pests and Hazards: It has been proved by the research that cockroaches, Bed bugs and such pests are the most popular household pests that bring allergens with them which can cause a stuffy nose, acute asthma attacks, skin rashes, and itchy eyes. The faecal matter of such pests, their body parts and urines become the portion of the house dust and can be dangerous and can lead to allergies and asthma. The dust particles lodged on bed sheets, cushions and mattress gets aroused during cleaning or vacuuming and usually gets inhaled by the members of the household. Since water and food are both available in kitchens so this area is extremely affected by pests. Not just this, the coils used for resisting mosquitoes can also lead to diseases like asthma. Pest control is the most needed thing which can relive you from unwanted guests and make home environment healthy. You can find many pest control experts but check for their online reviews if you really want to get satisfactory and long lasting results.

In-house Solutions:

  • MAINTAINING SANITATION: Cockroach, Mosquitoes, bed bugs and their allergens can be evaded by maintaining good hygiene, decreasing the humidity in the house or kitchen, washing of linens in hot water on regular basis.
  • SANITIZING: Sanitizing is the technique of cleaning the surface of any article or place for all the infectious substances or pathogens that may be present on those surfaces and can cause infection.
  • STERIFUMATION: This is also a technique of disinfecting certain premise suspected of any kind of microbial growth or allergen. This is performed by the experts wearing PPE kits and they remove all the sensitive devices from the room like mobiles, telephones computer and other electronic equipments. After the removal of all such equipments a sterilizing gas in the form of fumes is diffused in the closed room for 3 hours. These fumes are not that dangerous as compared to the compounds used for fumigation techniques but they are capable enough to kill all the pathogens suspected to be present o actually present in the premises. After these 3 hours of treatment the rooms are required to be fully ventilated and all the residue of used substances should be evacuated from the room. A perfect cleaning or vacuuming is suggested at the end of the process. And now the room is ready to use and is infection free.

Conclusions: These are the certain techniques that can be used for pest control or disinfection process. The experts on pest control usually decide that which kind of treatment is required in your premises and conditions. A well known firm named JT Solutions in Johannesburg is working extraordinarily in this field for a long time.

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