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There are different skin tones in the world. If you worry about skin then this article is only for you. In this article you can understand about different types of skin and you also understand what the reason is behind different skin tone. There are different type of people have different skin color. They are from different countries, different weather. Actually different weather is the main reason for variation of skin color. In this society you can see different people have different skin colors such as fair skin color, natural skin colors, warm skin colors, tan skin color, cool skin color and many more. Now the factor is that what is the reason behind make skin tan. Sunburn is the main reason of make tan. If you can avoid this sunburn you also can make tan free skin. In this discussion we discuss about different skin tone and which make up is suitable for your skin that does matter.

Cool undertone:

If you have identified your skin color is cool then you have to use blue-based eyes shadow, you can use red, pink or purple for lips. For your better looks you can avoid yellow based eye shadow. If you have cool skin you don’t need to use pink foundation, pink foundation also looks cool but it does not look elegant. You must have to aware about the color difference and which make up looks you best. There are so many colors whose are very much suitable with cool undertone such colors are

  1. Pink
  2. Cool Browns
  3. Navy Blues
  4. Mauves
  5. Roses
  6. Plums
  7. Bright Blue
  8. Teal
  9. Gray
  10. White

All those colors are suitable for cool skin tone people.

Warm undertones:

Those people who have golden brown skin they must use earthy eye shadow or they can use natural eye glow. In case of lips they can use dark red, for a complementary color they must can choose oranges, coral-pink and coral-red. For eye shadow colors like bronze, olive, gold, copper, yellow and brown are the best combination for warm color. They can avoid blue-eye shadow; this is not suitable with warm undertone people.

Natural Undertone: 

If you have natural undertone, don’t worry we have best make up combination for your skin. You are very lucky that you have natural skin tone; there is no special color that you look better. You choose any cosmetics then you look better. Natural undertone is an one kind of skin color that suits every dress, every cosmetics and every make up what you want to wear, it looks beautiful from every angle. This skin tone looks very elegant and natural.

Skin tan color:

Tan color is the very elegant color tone in the world. This is very famous color tone, If you are worry about your color tone, don’t worry we have very special suggestion for you and after try this procedure you will be glorious. For eye shadow you can use honey or red brown tones this type of color is the best combination for tan color. Never go for pink color it does not look well. You can choose black or dark black for lips this is the best color for who have tan skin tone.


This article will help you to know about several skin color tone and which make up is best for you. There is different color tones exist in the world and we also understand what the reason behind different color tone is? That I have discussed in above section.


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