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Hairstylists can work as salon employees or as freelancers running a business. Salon and barbershop owners are responsible for staffing, payroll, customer service, and more while running a successful business. There are plenty of tax deductions and claims you can make when self-employed.

Business income and expenses are reported on Schedule C including storefront or chair rental, salon supplies, and hair utensils. You can also claim the depreciation of assets like styling chairs and wash stations, as well as employee wages and benefits, and your share of Medicare, Social Security taxes, and unemployment insurance.

Reporting Income and Earnings


All of your earnings need to be listed on the income-reporting section of Schedule C. This includes the fees and tips earned from clients as well as the sales of beauty products. It’s important to keep careful records of all income and earnings to maximize your tax return and take advantage of tax deductions. Careful record keeping is important in case the IRS ever audits your business.

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Claiming Business Expenses


You need to denote the cost of buying products for sale separately from other expenses. Subtracting the cost of goods sold from your total revenue equals your gross profit. You then determine your net profit by subtracting your other expenses. Examples of claimable business expenses include tools, equipment, and towels, business cards, marketing materials, the cost of your beautician’s license, continued education and training, business taxes, and car and travel expenses. You can get an in-depth explanation of business tax write-offs on the IRS website, or by having an accountant prepare your taxes.

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Self-employment Tax and Estimated Payments


The self-employment tax in 2021 is 15.3 percent of your net income. This tax is what an employer typically takes out of your paycheck for Social Security and Medicare. This tax needs to be reported on Schedule SE, and you can write off half of the self-employment tax as a deduction on your 1040. Employers typically take care of withholding taxes as well.

Self-employed filers pay estimated taxes that serve the same purpose. Estimated taxes are paid quarterly if you think you’ll have a tax bill of $1,000 or more for the year. Failing to pay estimated taxes and having to pay too much the following year could result in a tax penalty from the IRS.

The best way to prepare for tax time is to keep careful records of your income and earnings. Whether you prepare your taxes yourself or work with a tax preparer, take advantage of every write-off and deduction.

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