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FSSAI license is mandatory for everyone in the food business; based on the nature of an auction of the business, the FSSAI food license could be issued by the state or central FSSAI regulatory body. Thus, the FSSAI license is compulsory for everyone doing the food business. It is not only for those associated with food directly and for those who handle food at different stages before it eventually reaches the customers like production, raw material, packing, processing, and distribution.

An FSSAI central license is issued to those who operate food businesses within Indian states, also depend upon the capacity or turnover.

Eligibility of FSSAI central license/ registration

  1. Vegetable oil processing unit by the process of solvent refineries and extraction using oil expeller unit with the capacity more than 2MT per day,
  2. The dairy unit includes milk-chilling units rigged to process more than 50k lt of liquid milk every day.
  3. Slaughtering units that serve more than 50 large or 150 small animals or greater than 1000 poultry birds every day,
  4. Any food-processing unit including the repackaging process greater than 2MT daily except cereals, grains, and pulses milling units,
  5. Meat processing units process more than 500kg of meat per day or 150 MT annually.
  6. All importers exporters of food items need to have FSSAI import-export license.
  7. Storage units having cold environment and controlled atmosphere having a capacity of greater than 50k MT,
  8. Refrigerated storage having a capacity of greater than 10k MT,
  9. Wholesalers having a turnover of more than Rs.30 Crores annually,
  10. Distributors, retailers, suppliers, caterers have a turnover of more than Rs. 20 Crores annually,
  11. Hotels with five star and above stars,
  12. Food catering services in company and units under central government agencies like defense, etc.,
  13. Transporters having more than 100 vehicles or turnover greater than Rs 30 crores annually,

Documents requirement for FSSAI food central license/registration 

  1. Business premises document or rental agreement
  2. ID proof of the authorized person(adhaar card, driving license/passport/voter ID)
  3. If any government registration certificate(firm registration, company incorporation, pan card, Shop and Est. registration/ trade license, GST registration )
  4. In a private limited company or partnership firm, one needs to provide MOM &AOA or partnership deed copies.
  5. FSSAI declaration form
  6. Nature of business
  7. Turnover supporting documents
  8. NOC/PA document issued by FSSAI
  9. IE code issued by the DGFT

Things about FSSAI food central license

  • FSSAI department is a part of the central system, and there is no involvement of states of India,
  • FSSAI Central license is valid for five years, and it does not issue for one year,
  • Dealers or merchants often hesitate to apply for a license, but it is not mandatory for small to prominent food businesspersons. FSSAI license process is easy as per department, but it will be easier if you contact any agency for FSSAI registration in Delhi
  • After five years, one needs to renew the FSSAI license 30 days before expiring the license

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