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A lot of the people find it difficult to look for a dentist in Inglewood when they face the situation of tooth loss and as we know that our teeth play an important role in eating something. Teeth also play an essential role in making your smile beautiful. Some people who suffer from tooth loss face great difficulty in eating. If any person loss his/her front tooth, people also make fun of him/her. So, a dental implant is a procedure of placing a new artificial tooth. You can find good dentists in every part of the world. You can also find a good dentist in Inglewood if you are searching for one.  

What is the purpose of the dental implant?

In a dental implant, a tooth just like your natural tooth is placed in your mouth. In this procedure, not only the tooth replaces, but they also replace the roots of the tooth. People go for a dental implant whenever they lose their tooth. An artificial tooth place in a dental implant can be both removable or permanent. This decision is completely depending upon you that you want a removable tooth or a permanent one.

Benefits of a dental implant:

There are so many benefits of a dental implant for people who face tooth loss.

  • It will make your appearance better by providing you with a tooth that looks real. Many people also lose their confidence with their teeth because it will affect their appearance badly. But dental implant provides you with a tooth which looks real, and it also improves your appearance. Good appearance also enhances confidence in a person.
  • It will also help you in speaking perfectly. After a front tooth loss, the person can’t speak perfectly as his/her tongue find no support, and the tongue slip. An artificial tooth provides all the facilities which a real tooth provides, and it also helps you in speaking perfectly.
  • A dental implant provides you with an artificial tooth, which helps you in eating as well.

Dental implant’s success rate is very high:

The dental implant’s success rate is 98 percent, which is very high. No doubt that the rate of success depends upon the experience, knowledge, and expertise of the dentist and also on the person’s dental health who is going through a dental procedure. If both these things are perfect, then the chance of success is 100 percent. So, you don’t need to worry about the failure of this procedure because the dental implant’s success rate is very high.

Risks of a dental implant:

In some cases, a dental implant also causes some risks.

  • It can cause an infection in the site of the implant.
  • The dental implant can also damage the surrounding teeth.

You can avoid these risks by selecting an expert dentist.


A dental implant is a process of fitting a new artificial tooth in case of tooth loss. In the dental implant, you can get a removable tooth or a permanent one. There are so many benefits of dental implants like it will make the appearance of the person better, it helps in speaking perfectly, and it helps in eating as well. The dental implant’s success rate is very high, and it also has some risks.

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