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So, you want to grow your business. It is great for the majority of the business owners to transfer their e-commerce website from big commerce to Shopify. It is possible in some simple steps because an effortless migration is possible of all your sales-related information like reviews, discount amount, gift card information, coupon codes, order comments, tax price, subtotal, quantity, order ID, and order dates on to Shopify quickly. It does not need to wait for months because you can integrate your BigCommerce store on the eCommerce platform on your own. Learn more about how to transfer products bigcommerce to Shopify.

With the use of an efficient tool

With the help of the appropriate tool, you can migrate your customer data, order, product, and others from BigCommerce to Shopify in some simple steps. Before importing your data to Shopify, you have to export all your data from BigCommerce.

  •         From BigCommerce, Export your store data.
  •         Now, you need to import all information into Shopify.
  •         Update and review your imported information
  •         Import all information on top of the present import.
  •         Import data store should be deleted

Password consideration

With these simple steps, you will learn how to transfer products bigcommerce to Shopify. It is a wonderful and efficient way to complete the job. There is no need to take any training for using these tools because it offers some simple steps to complete the job.

What type of data can be migrated?

It is possible for all the users to migrate all of your product images, manufacturer’s information, pricing, weight, SKU products, product attributes, descriptions, and images. Moreover, there are several sales-related images that you can transfer easily. It is highly safe and secure to transfer products from bigcommerce to Shopify.

BigCommerce VS Shopify

To increase the size of your business, you can migrate to the Shopify platform. This is the best way to grow your business with ease. There are several benefits of migrating to Shopify from BigCommerce.


  •         It is the best platform for sales features
  •         Shopify offers a brilliant inventory system
  •         Supports multi-channel selling on different platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook


  •         Contains the most built-in traits of another eCommerce platform
  •         Supportive for multi-channel selling
  •         Offers SEO to increase search rankings

The majority of the users transfer to Shopify from the BigCommerce platform. Shopify is ideal for the stores that sell services and goods that need a minimum amount of configuration. It allows you to sell a single product or a handful of goods by implementing an advanced home section on Shopify as per your business needs. It enhances your ROI and boosts your business revenue.


It is a hassle-free platform that is easy to use and setup. Migrating to Shopify is a good option for those who need to get a complete solution with no technical rules to host and development of the online store. It is good to host your website and boost your business with a large style.

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