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Microneedling is pretty famously popular with the current generation. With many people concerned about the condition of their skin and skincare being taken too seriously nowadays. If you’re looking forward to having younger-looking skin, then rolling out 200 microneedles on one’s face could help without collagen production, which promotes regeneration of the skin. This practice of rolling microneedles is known as microneedling. If you plan to undergo microneedling, then find yourself a microneedling starter set that could help with the process. Microneedling is also known as derma-rolling. 

With the needles’ help in the microneedling starter set, you could create tiny punctures on the skin’s topmost layer, which signals the body to generate new collagen and elastin needed to cover the layer of skin. 

What are Collagen & Elastin? 

Both collagen and elastin are two proteins that are essentially the building block for the skin’s structure. The older one gets, their collagen and elastin production begins to slow down. As collagen and elastin production slows down, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. Slowly the skin also begins to sag a bit by bit. However, using microneedling at home could help with the quicker production of collagen and elastin. Sure, these microneedling procedures could be undertaken at a professional clinic; however, they can also be done within the confines of one’s home. They can easily improve the firmness of one’s skin while giving the skin a fine texture and large pores on the skin. You could see significant differences in your skin quality with microneedling before and after. 

What the Derma-Roller Does For One’s Skin?

When using the microneedling starter set, always go with one that is 0.3mm or less for the initial few days as you are getting the hang of it. You could opt for a 0.25 mm needle size as well. 

The derma-roller glides over the first barrier of the skin, creating punctures that signal the derma to produce more collagen and elastin into the primary layer. As a result of this, the skin regenerates itself and gives you a naturally smoother surface to work with, and becomes plumper. It also works effectively to help eliminate scars of the skin and increase the absorption of skincare products that you use. The stretch marks on your skin and the fine lines will quickly blur away. 

How Should One Begin Microneedling at Home? 

When you get started with the microneedling therapy at home, the first thing to do is begin by preparing your skin. Firstly apply a gentle cleanser on the skin and once the skin is adequately prepped, apply the hyaluronic acid-based serum on the skin. Any serum with hyaluronic acid helps in hydrating the skin significantly. This can help with maximizing the effects of considering microneedling at home. 

So apply two coats of the serum to your skin’s surface and begin working over the problematic areas of your skin with a derma-roller, and keep adding the serum to the areas of your face that you are going over with the derma-roller. Use the derma-roller on your face both vertically as well as horizontally and also diagonally if you prefer. Repeat this process twice overall. After this, you can easily go over with a third layer of the serum for extra cushioning to your skin and hydration. 

After you are done with microneedling at home, apply some rubbing alcohol over your derma-roller, and clean the device well enough. Store it back in its plastic case. 

So What Happens When You Use a Face Roller?

The treatment is known to help with the exfoliation of your skin but also much more. For significant results for your skin, use the microneedling therapy for about six weeks. It can be done at home once every two weeks, which is a total of three treatments in six weeks. Initially, your skin can feel a little too sensitive after the procedure. Depending on one’s level of pain tolerance, the pain one feels during the process can be strong nil to a minimum level. 

You may not notice any significant changes after the first treatment, but the truth is quite different. The skin’s barrier is already beginning to form. Yoru skin will instantly begin feeling softer. There will also be clarity in your complexion. 

After the second treatment, the glow may fade, but the softness of the skin may be retained. Your under eyes and lips area will easily begin to clear up. The puffiness will significantly reduce while the skin becomes tighter and more youthful. 

The third time’s a charm. After the third treatment session, there’s even more softness and longer and clearer skin that’s extremely glowing. This treatment plan should work wonders for your skin. Definitely try microneedling at home. Get your microneedling starter set today and try it out right away! 

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