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While the debate’s still open on whether working from home is as productive as working from home, one thing’s for certain – you don’t dress for the job when you’re cuddled up on your couch with a laptop. No shame in that, we’d all trade for a night in our PJ’s, but we’re talking about what the working woman would wear when she’s out at work. 

Let’s start by recalling a little about the working woman. She started by working as an orderly at an office or a factory. She was good at what she did, but not often recognized and given credit for it. She fought for her right to be CEO. There were some hurdles along the way. Today, when she’s looking out through the window in her corner office, she’ll tell you it was worth it. 

You need to dress to impress, right? This article isn’t going to be a lecture on what’s appropriate for the office and what’s not. Everyone works in a different environment. Some people might have a uniform, while others can wear whatever they want. The office setting might be professional, or it might be laid back. In any event, the working woman has a style that differentiates her from when she’s out grocery shopping, a gym, or around town. 

Some of the most popular and fool-proof styles for the working woman throughout history include:

  1. Matching Tailored Separates

They were popular before, and they’re just as popular now. Matching tailored separates are fashion synonyms for the working woman. With models and fashion icons wearing them as runway outfits, they’ve only been revamped into more stylish versions over the years.

  1. Buttoned Down Plain White Tee

When all else fails, there’s a white T-shirt lurking somewhere in your closet that will save the day. A buttoned-down white tee looks professional and is super easy to pair with anything. Pair it with a pencil skirt or a pair of flannel pants – it’ll look stylish either way. 

Alternatively, you could get just about any neutral color and pair it well with anything. The ‘plainness’ is actually the tee’s main asset. It makes the outfit look coherent and chic. Even if you just threw it on last minute.

  1. Pinstripes

You’ve probably seen the Kardashian-Jenner clan wear a pinstripe now and then. It actually works as both a fashion statement and a comfortable outfit for the working woman. They look chic and they’re easy to pair with anything – I mean, it’s an outfit on its own!

  1. (Faux) Leather

Getting back to the classics, you can and could never go wrong with leather. Whether it’s a long coat or ankle boots, they look just as professional as they do fierce.

Pair your leather boots with a pencil skirt, a plain tee, a cardigan, and adorn on a laptop bags for women and you’re all set to become the next CEO.

  1. Oversized Blazers

We’ll be ending this article with a high and that’s an oversized blazer that adds a pop of color to any plain outfit. It looks professional, chic, and it’s super easy to get. Plus, it’s equally as easy to maintain and can be used year long.


In conclusion, the working woman is fierce and professional at the same time. She dresses for the part and she gets that part. These were some of our favorite pairings for that part. 

As a working woman, how do you like to dress? 

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