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What is the 11/11 Sale?

You’ve probably heard about the 11.11 sale, and perhaps even seen some people refer to it as Gyaara Gyaara. But, exactly, what do these two numbers mean? This post will hopefully answer all of your questions and turn you into a total pro before the biggest winter clothes sale of the year! The 11.11 sale, or Gyaara Gyaara as it’s known in Pakistan, is the world’s largest 24-hour sale. It all started in China as a sale to honor single people, hence the name Singles Day Sale. However, the event has now been known throughout Asia simply as the 11.11 sale. Every year on November 11th, the 11.11 sale takes place. It begins at 12 a.m. and lasts for 24 hours. As a result, if you want to get the finest bargains, you need to be well prepared ahead of time!

In a nutshell, everything! This is a site-wide deal that will allow you to purchase cheap goods from every category on the website! We’re talking about discounts on shirts, shoes, jeans, casual wear, and accessories, to mention a few. There isn’t a better deal anywhere. There are even flat reductions available, such as 70% and 50% off.

What can you buy in this sale?

The question should be what can you not buy in this sale? Because there is so much to buy in this extravagant mens clothing sale. Massive discounts on a wide range of items will be available in every area (Shirts, shoes, jeans, casual clothes, and accessories are just a few of the items available). Thousands of brands are participating in the 11.11 revolution by giving their best discount clothing and packages.

Down below we have listed some of the best clothing you might find on this massive clothing sales online:

Grey Crewneck T-Shirt

Stay comfy and cool, with this high-quality, good-looking shirt, and avail of the discount while you can. 11/11 is the best opportunity to fill up your wardrobe with new clothing and show your dressing skills.

Gray Pullover Hoodie

Men’s Pullover Fleece Hood with Ribbed Waistband and Cuffs with Draw String Hood in Fleece Fabric. Suitable for everyday cold weather days, work, school, vacations, or outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hunting, bonfires, and fishing.

Retro Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are really all about making a fashion statement and what better way to make a fashion statement than to buy discounted clothes on 11/11. A Retro Black-colored jumpsuit with polka dots and high heels with a big straw hat is the best outfit to get this 11.11 fashion sale.

Long-Sleeved V Neck Sweater

All year round we wait for the biggest sale in Pakistan, which is 11.11 and now the wait is finally over. You can get an amazing, high-quality sweater like this one and save money while doing so.

Red Kangaroo Hoodie

Nothing says winter like a red sweatshirt with kangaroo pockets and light grey jogging trousers. Winter is all about looking attractive while being warm because no one likes being cold. This winter, don’t be chilly; simply look stylish and follow this contemporary style.

Blue men’s jeans sale

You can never go wrong with blue jeans for men. Men love their blue jeans and they even love them more when it’s sold at a 50% discount. Get it while you can so you don’t feel sorry about yourself after the 11.11 Sale.

Where can you buy the best clothing on the 11.11 Sale?


Breakout is one of the brands that is now having a huge deal. The brand’s ideology is based on effortless flair, honesty, and easygoing living. From the laid-back tailoring to the made-to-last quality, use of natural fabrics, and ethical production, these good principles come through. Breakout’s goal is to be the greatest casual fashion brand with the best price-to-value ratio: capturing market trends and newness in colors, quality materials, and forms, and expressing them in an easy, relaxed, and comfortable way.


Get your favorite outfits from ONE on the 11.11 clothing sale date! ONE is a brand recognized for its style, fashion, and trends, as well as its amazing rates and commitment to quality. Women’s and men’s fashion clothes, footwear, gym wear, and accessories make up the majority of the store’s inventory. We don’t just sell; we make connections, which is why clients have such positive experiences when they purchase at ONE.


Another brand is dedicated to bringing you discounts on this massive clothing sale. People at elo are dedicated to making things more accessible to the general public by questioning the authority of businesses that offer low-quality, high-priced items online and in physical places.


Avail of this brand’s discounts on your shopping spree on 11.11 sale 2021. Hang Ten is a pioneer apparel company in Pakistan, having opened its first store in 1994. We are a family business that caters to the clothing needs of men, women, boys, and girls.

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