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Sell Gift Cards

However, our favorite apps for earning gift cards may not always have the card we want. Maybe we won an Amazon gift card but really need a Lowes one. Also, don’t forget that you may require cash to pay bills or invest at times. Fortunately, there are several ways to sell gift cards for cash online and receive a check or PayPal payment.

Keep in mind that everyone’s experience with selling gift cards will be different. So, experiment with a few different approaches until you find the one that works best for you. Let us know what you find out; we’re always interested in learning more about how users interact with the tools we’ve highlighted.

Is There Anywhere I Can Sell My Gift Cards?

One of the most crucial factors to consider before selling your gift cards is how you want to be paid. Do you want PayPal or direct deposit to give you instant gratification? Do you prefer to pay with a paper check that you receive in the mail?

This may seem insignificant to some, but for others, having access to their money is critical. Your unused gift cards are piling up, and now is the time to get rid of them. It’s best if you have a plan in place for how you’ll cash for gift cards and which platform will give you the most money with the fastest turnaround.

Instantly Sell Gift Cards in the Best Places

Kangaroo on a Card

Card Kangaroo should be your first choice for selling your gift cards. You must enter the card information on the Card Kangaroo website to complete the transaction. The platform will then make you an offer for the amount it is willing to pay to get the card off your hands. You have the option of accepting the offer and receiving a free shipping label to send your card to their mailing address. When the company receives your card in the mail, they will send you a check or PayPal payment.

The Card Kangaroo platform currently states that it does not accept gift cards in exchange for money. This is only temporary, according to the website, as they change some of their internal processes. While we don’t expect the platform’s operating policies to change significantly, be sure to check back soon to confirm that they continue to operate in the same manner as before.

Clip Kard

Users must register with Clip Kard, which, like Card Kangaroo, will tell you how much they’re worth willing to pay for your gift card up front. You must also ship your cards to the mailing address provided, just like Card Kangaroo. Because the site is lacking in information, you won’t know how much your cards are worth, how your card payment is distributed, or when you can expect to receive your payment unless you create a user account. According to our experience, Clip Kard is a legitimate company that pays consistently. However, keep in mind that you’ll be going into the situation blind, so make sure you’re okay with that.

GiftCard Granny

GiftCard We like Granny’s platform because it is multi-faceted. Within their organization, they have a few options, and their user-friendly platform makes it simple for anyone to find what they’re looking for while on the site. GiftCard Granny is unique in that it assists you in locating the best places to sell your gift cards for the most money. You can also sell your gift cards in person at one of their carefully selected gift card exchange locations. This may be the ideal fit for those who prefer personal interaction when conducting business.

Raise gives you control over the process of selling your gift cards. You post your card and set the price you want for it, and you can accept or reject offers. You can adjust your price as needed, and once your card sells, you can choose between direct deposit, PayPal, or a check for payment.


CardCash makes it simple to sell your gift card. Go to their website, choose your card type, enter your current balance, and get details on how much money you’ll get. You also have the option of trading gift cards, which could increase your gift card profitability by 11 percent. So, if you’re looking for a specific gift card, you might be able to find it and trade one of your unwanted cards for it.

GC Spread

Gift Card for GC Spread When it comes to selling your unwanted gift cards, Spread is another site that puts you in control. You enter the price you want to get for your card. GC Spread has the option to accept or reject your offer, and you have the same option if they reject your original price. They guarantee a response to your initial offer within 24 hours, allowing you to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. You then enter your card information online and ship your card to their Chicago, Illinois, location. They’ll send you your money once they’ve received it.

Gift Card Bin

Gift Card Bin makes it clear that they want your business and to be your best gift card resale option. The only difference between this platform and the others is that you must resell your card in person. So, if you live near a location and prefer to complete your resale in person, this is a great option. Otherwise, the Gift Card Bin may be ruled out.

I’d like to sell my iTunes gift cards, but I’m not sure where to start.

iTunes gift cards are one of Game Flip’s most popular resale items, and they are one of their most popular resale items. You can register your card on the platform and, hopefully, resell it once you’ve created a user account with a login and password.

Final Thoughts

You can opt for a mailed check or another gift card as payment, and the site claims that users can get up to 92 percent of the value of the card they sell. You can choose to accept the Cardpool site’s instant offer or to wait for a better offer from a potential buyer. Granny’s Gift Card is another option to consider for eCard sales. While they do have physical locations for sales, the platform’s preferred method of sales is online.


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