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Wireless Private Network

Wireless private networks (WPN) offer improved bandwidth along with better and consistent coverage for industrial operations.It is imperative to understand that reliable internet and networking act as crucial factors for achieving rapid industrial transformation and significant efficiency in operations.A large number of industries are dependent on networking with WiFi due to its inexpensive nature, however; doing so fails to provide a smooth connectivity in mission-centric operations and broad industrial strategies. Reason being, bandwidth and reliability concerns that emerge while adding more devices plus supporting hardware during its application in mission-critical industrial assets. WiFi provides outstanding coverage for smartphones, laptops, domestic use, and small businesses, but is not a proper fix for larger industrial operations. Running an industrial site and losing wireless backhaul link can never be imagined owing to the million dollar loss that may follow if, for example, a remote piloted equipment ceases to work. These kinds of devices need service levels and guarantees around the performance of wireless infrastructure. WiFi doesn’t provide these guarantees.

What do you mean by a Wireless Private Network?

A wireless private network or WPN is a personalised cellular network established on your industrial site. WPN acts as a viable strategy for large scale businesses to run smoothly without any interruptions in connectivity and asset operations.

Selected Wireless solutions including some WPN serviceshelp in expanding private and public mobile networks in the form of single secure corporate WAN, saving the data and/or devices, which means a constant bandwidth and consistent coverage for all kinds of industrial applications.

Rogers is a leading technology and media company striving to provide excellent wireless, residential, and media solutions throughout Canada since 1960. Their wireless solutions also offer Rogers mobile internet with a flexible plan as per requirement. Paul Howarth, Senior Director for Technology and Product Development at Rogers states, “Businesses can now have their own, private 4G and 5G networks with very robust wireless infrastructures, when you need mission-critical communications, you need a 4G or 5G network.” He further adds that a WPN could efficiently be employed alongsideWiFior as a stand-alone network in order to expand or enhance it.

Perks of a private wireless network?

  • Establishment of competitive and productive business
  • Fast and trusted connectivity for you, your family, machines, sensors, and for larger scale industrial usage
  • Increase in digital transformation of the business
  • Unlocking of new opportunities via quick and uninterrupted networking

What else a WPN provides?

  • Easy IT management:An ease of technology adaptation for your IT workforce follows installation of a WPN that functions similar to WiFi, only with a portal that lets you control modulations such as moves, adds, and changes easily.
  • Lesser OPEX: Better virtualization enables you to get rid of extra infrastructure costs and lets you experience a reliable network wherever needed, even in a factory or a large scale industrial site. Replacement of costly land radio devices with easy to carry smartphones being able to connect securely to the WPN.
  • Innovate quickly: A good WPN service maintains your business, focuses on mission-critical operations and lets you achieve significant digital transformations much quickly.
  • Future-direction:Since WPNs currently use 4G and 5G connectivity, they can efficiently act as a vital support system for your business in the long run. We have an affordable 4G network globally employed in technologies worldwide, whereas the coming years will witness 5G turning into a dominant connectivity for networking gadgets and mobile devices supporting novel applications.
  • Security:WPNs provides complete visibility and control over your network along with secure connectivity and access to corporate data.

Interesting ways to use a Wireless Private Network

Considering the immeasurable possibilities a WPN could provide, it becomes the highest sought after networking technology to avail numerous benefits in various sectors such as manufacturing, retail, utilities, petroleum, mining etc.

  • Retail:A variety of household or factory oriented machines function based on a reliable connectivity. Such automated machines may stop working if one losesWiFiconnectivity for any uncalled reason, affecting the product’s market as well as usage. The issue can be resolved with a good WPN which ensures smooth functioning of devices.
  • Distribution centres:A surge in online shopping, be it food, clothing, or gadgets, has been observed for a while. Such industries offer easy shopping experience with a quick and direct home delivery. Considering the need for faster connectivity and better business prospects WPNs could help the manufacturing and distribution companies to automate their operations to save time and space for a quicker service. It may also enable safety measures and physical distancing for staff and consumer. Quicker automation allows faster packaging and safe delivery of products. The whole process boosts up the business and helps in revenue generation.
  • Supply chain:WPN services allow safe and secure operations of commercial drone for inventory scans and deliveries.
  • Quick communication:Wish to inculcate your company or industry oriented apps in devices for easy communication between employees in order to achieve more productivity? A WPN solution gets you covered. It enables you to incorporate push-to-talk solutions while letting you install your enterprise or industrial apps on the devices.
  • Mining: Wireless solutions such as WPN allows smooth and uninterrupted functioning of all types of mission-critical devices.
  • Airports: WPN ensures proper support for critical equipment, for example automated wheelchairs, conveyer belts, walking belts, security drones etc.


WPNs have the capacity to bring intense and significant digital transformations in industrial operations. WPN solutionsallow fine performance and reliability of critical assets with trusts and high bandwidth network. A WPN provides everything necessary for businesses in current times, enabling novel applications and transformation giving you the choice of running secondary traffic on WiFi infrastructure whereas the mission-critical traffic on a WPN.

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