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Word Press rules the internet today. It has been accounted that around one-third of all websites are made using this amazing platform. Word Press is recognized as the leading CMS platform which controls a major market share of CMS. Word Press offers several advantages to the Best Website Design and Development Service Provider Companies. It is reliable, stable, and composes of a wide network. 

The Website Development Companies Bangalore have benefited from using Word Press. It takes less time and effort and is amazing with its productive and attractive result. Comprising several plug-ins and templates, this medium is highly in favor of various Best Website Designing and Website Development Service Provider Companies

However, there might be certain loopholes that the designers and developers miss while using this wonderful platform. Managing and building a website on Word Press may require certain mistakes to be avoided. This article is a good reference for you to ensure that you catch these issues pre hand and avoid them. 

Let us look at some of the most common mistakes which occur while using Word Press. 

  • Overlooking The Use Of Google Analytics:

Word Press may rule the internet as one of the leading CMS platforms. However, it is Google Search that rules the overall internet. Owing to the limitless web pages, Google Search is the king of the web. 

The force behind driving this giant piece of information is Google Analytics. This medium is useful for offering valuable information such as website navigation, conversions, traffic that is organic or not. In the absence of such data, finding out the progress of Word Press is not possible. 

Hence, including the Google Analytics Tool is essential while building a website in Word Press. This will ensure a good amount of deep insight to the Best Digital Marketers to improve their traffic results based on the information offered. 

  • Missing out on Updates:

Using any application calls for regular updates. Similarly, Word Press is also one such platform that notifies on regular update notifications. This suggests that the program is due for an urgent update. You may feel this is just another notification, however, you must read the description of notifications. Updates generally have advanced features of the application you are using. 

Also, updates go through thorough testing before they are out for installing. Thus, the chances of your site crashing are extremely less. Ignoring updates may deprive you of various trending themes and templates. Hence, you must keep a habit of deploying the updates regularly so that your Word Press stays current as well as updated. 

  • An Unsuitable Theme:

Just because a theme looks alluring and attractive, do not pick it up. Not all have the right knack to be a satisfying website designer. Building a website on Word Press calls for the required skills and experience for quality. Choosing a theme that is incorrect and unsuitable may impact the look of your website. This may also lead to a bad user experience as users may find website navigation tough. 

Since Word Press offers various themes, it can be quite overwhelming in the beginning. Go for themes that look appropriate on both desktop screens as well as mobile devices. The chosen theme must also be compatible with plug-ins that you desire to include. 

  • Utilizing Posts as Opposed to Pages:

When you plan to draft any new content for your website, you must make it a new page or a new post. It is imperative to understand the difference between when to use either of them. Both pages and posts deliver a different outcome for your website’s architecture. 

One of the most common mistakes made by website owners is to draft posts which they believe to be pages. This confusion will affect the website navigation and make it cumbersome. The amount of content will also clutter in such a case. Pages include the basic information about the website with a description. It includes the About Us Section, Contact Page, Services, Policies. 

Posts, on the other hand, have time-based content such as blogs, news updates, guest posts. 

Your Output Is Only comparable to Your Input!

The Best Website Design Companies Chandigarh opt for Word Press as their right CMS platform. Knowing how to use it to your advantage is what makes it more beneficial. Keep these mistakes in mind and you will surely be able to develop a website that looks great and is well prepared. 

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