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The topic we are talking about today is Brainstorming Platforms. Why? Keep reading!

Do you know how you start working on a project and end up noticing a teeny tiny problem in your system? And that teeny tiny problem is capable of destroying your whole project? Now, you got to think about a solution for that?

You spend hours trying to think about a proper alternative that does not disturb your project and also works without any problem. This is exactly what brainstorming looks like.

This was just on a very common scale that we were talking about. But if you look at it closely, brainstorming is a process used in almost every stage of life by a human and is applicable almost everywhere else.

What is Brainstorming?

Now that you have a basic idea about how brainstorming works, let us give you an example where brainstorming is used professionally.

It mostly is used everywhere including your software, photography, etc. You use a specific technique, that is, note down all the ideas to solve a problem, discuss with someone or with yourself trying to think about the downsides of the ideas, and then evaluate them.

After the evaluation, you will find the idea that is the closest to the solution you are looking for.

The Benefits of Brainstorming

When you perform the brainstorming activity, you will achieve the following benefits:

An increased level of involvement- Once you start this process, you get involved in the process of discussion.

An increased level of loyalty- When you talk to someone or some people, you can feel yourself getting close to them, thus, increasing the levels of loyalty.

An increased level of commitment- As mentioned, talking and involvement help us know others, which in return, helps you stay committed to a group of people or someone.

An increased level of enthusiasm overall- When you have an idea and you know that it is unique, you start feeling special because you get to talk about your idea!

Encouraging a betterment in friendships and teams- Once you are involved enough, you start developing a relationship with the people involved with you.

A ton of new ideas from every individual- Every individual’s mind is unique, so, unique ideas are bound to be discovered on a rather common topic.

Betterment in communication- If you are allowed to put forward your ideas, explain why you chose that idea. Which improves your communication skills over time.

Helps you in critical thinking too- You listen to various ideas and have to tell out why that idea isn’t the best or is the best, that is, presenting a reason for the chit you choose.

How can you carry out Brainstorming in a group?

Doesn’t matter if it is an office meeting or a family discussion to solve an important problem you are facing, these are the steps that you can follow to achieve the most of the process of Brainstorming Platforms:

Independently involved.
When you start, it is important to know what you are talking about. So, before you discuss anything, each of the members can grab a pen and paper, sit separately and think for a couple of minutes about the best idea to solve the problem.

Sharing is caring.
Once you are done with your ideas, share them with the rest of the members. The leader of the group can read out the ideas of every member and the others can listen to it intently.

Cluster up.
Once everyone’s ideas have been read out, number the ideas in the alphabetical order, and group similar ideas into one.

The voting.
This is the final step. When you have all the ideas laid out on the table, review them, and use your alphabetical order and a few yes or no chits to vote for the ideas. Once you have a final idea or a few tied ones, you can compare the pros and cons of the ideas and decide upon which one is better.


Brainstorming is a widely used concept. Businesses, families, and even schools use this process. Why? Because Brainstorming helps you in many ways. From critical thinking to communicating, you are benefited a lot by it.

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