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Moving Survey

Moving to a new place is both an emotional and social transformation in one’s life. There can be so many reasons behind someone’s decision to relocate which may include job transfer, better job opportunities, better education for children and career growth, or some personal reasons. Moving is a long and hectic process that includes many smaller tasks. The expert moving companies associated with explain that as a lot of money is involved in moving, it is quite sensible to get estimates and enquire about relocation costs before you plan a move.

A pre-move survey is an easy way to get the most accurate estimate of your move. The moving company people visit your place and visually assess the cost related to your move.

 Following are some major benefits of a pre-move survey:

  • A moving survey helps you in getting a proper estimate of your moving costs and in making your moving budget. Moving budget includes many things but the biggest cost is the cost of the moving company. It’s better to call the supervisor of the moving company to visit your house and prepare a quotation. These moving company representatives come and examine everything at your place before quoting you any price. 
  • A pre-move survey helps your mover in determining the packing material, the size of the truck needed to move all your belongings, and the number of people required to move the stuff. It is during the pre-move survey that your mover will get to know if you need any third-party services like elevators, parking permits, and/or dollies.
  • A pre-move survey enables you to clear all your queries from your mover. You can ask them the way they will be packing any specific items of yours. You can even clear your doubts regarding the safety of the goods. By doing this visual assessment of your house and belongings, a moving company can provide you an accurate estimate of your move which will most probably be different from what you checked online.
  • A pre-moving survey also gives you a chance to judge your moving company before you hire them. You can notice some pointers to evaluate their services.

When you plan to call a moving company representative for a pre-move survey, keep the following points in mind to properly evaluate your chosen company:

  • Search for a reliable moving company. Consider getting references from your family and friends. Don’t settle for the first company that you come across, get a quotation from at least three companies to be sure about the right price.
  • Keep in mind that reputable and good moving companies don’t charge anything for a pre-moving survey.
  • Check the ratings and reviews of the company that you are selecting.
  • Make an appointment with the moving surveyor and be ready with the list of belongings that you will be moving with you.
  • Check if the moving surveyor comes at the scheduled time and if he is professionally dressed. By noticing these things, you will be able to judge the professionalism of your chosen company.
  • You are not liable to take the services of the company if you don’t like the quotation or the professionalism of the company surveyor.
  • Make sure you tell the surveyor to exclude certain items that you will not be moving along.
  • If you will be adding any more items other than the ones at your place and be sure to tell the surveyor about them.
  • If all your items are not there at your residence and the surveyor has to visit two places then inform the company counselor about it at the time of scheduling the appointment that you will be visiting more than one location.
  • Talk to your moving surveyor about each and everything. Ask as many queries as you want. 
  • You can ask anything related to the packing and safety of your goods. And if the company will compensate for any loss and to what extent.
  • If your move is sponsored by your employer then confirm all the questions related to it from your moving counselor.
  • Ask them what all costs are included in your policy.
  • Get a quotation in writing to avoid any last-minute problems.
  • Confirm in advance if there are any hidden charges.
  • Confirm what all tools will be needed by your moving company for moving your stuff and if they have all those tools available.
  • Make sure that your chosen company is properly licensed and has all the required permits to work in the chosen area especially if it is an inter-state or inter-city move.
  • Arrange for parking permits if the need be.
  • Confirm from your existing and new housing societies if they allow the use of elevators to move heavy things and if not then let the moving company surveyor know the details regarding this too.

All of the above pointers are a must to consider by everyone who-so-ever are planning to move. If you are moving for the first time then you may be a little surprised by the number of tasks involved in the moving process. It is worth noticing how a pre-move survey can solve so many of your queries related to your move. Moving to a new place can be a daunting project to undertake. However, a little planning and actual realization of costs associated with the process can help you in a great way.

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