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Learn to skydive

The AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) course is the most modern way to learn skydiving and is aimed at beginners with no previous skydiving experience. Students study at eight different levels (each level of skydiving) and can learn to skydive in a few days to become skilled skydiving players. Most people like to book about a week and ten individual skydiving excursions to complete the AFF course, but the AFF course is usually completed in three or four days, depending on how many skydivers a student wants to do per day! visit us 

AFF system

The course begins with an elementary school, which usually lasts around six hours. This ground training is divided into manageable lessons that cover everything a first skydiving player should know. When students are ready for their first parachute jump, level 1 AFF, the student will parachute holding onto either side of two AFF instructors.

In grades 1 to 3, teachers work to master student body posture, teaching students to turn left and right, height perception, and navigation control (the ability to fly without involuntarily turning left or right). right). When a student reaches level 4 in AFF, they will parachute with an instructor in AFF and the next AFF parachute shoot will teach the student how to restore balance (being in the belly-down position), tack and follow (movement horizontal). sky).

Woman and Man Wearing Overalls Sky Diving

Before each skydiving, there is a detailed “summary” that allows the instructor and student to teach and learn the skills necessary for the practice of skydiving. For each AFF skydiving, the instructor wears a special camera helmet that contains a small but powerful video camera. After each parachute jump, the instructor will “inform” the student using this video, an invaluable learning tool. When a student completes the course, each skydiving video is compiled into a DVD complete with titles and music to present to the student as a fun souvenir.

Do straight-line jumps matter in my AFF course?

Straight-line jumps occur when the parachute opens automatically when a player leaves the plane. This learning method is slower than the AFF system, as more jumps are required to pass the course. However, if you have already started learning paragliding in the flatline system, you can turn your training into an AFF system.

I want to try skydiving but don’t want to take a full course – what are my options?

Of course, you can try to parachute by doing the traditional parachute jump.

This is a parachute jump where you connect to a tandem coach and are ready to go after a short time!

However, you now also have the option to do AFF level 1 without having to book the entire AFF course.

This alternative really provides a deeper introduction to skydiving. You will complete the ground part of the training in accordance with the full AFF course: body position, equipment, parachute flying, etc. Find out more about it, after which you will skydive with two trainers clinging to you. You slide gently to the ground, you guide the parachute, with the help of a trainer on the radio you hook it. If you decide to continue skydiving, you can immediately advance to AFF II level.

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