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pre-rolled cones

What do you prefer between vaping juices, rolled joints and edibles? The answers might be different but the post-consumption experience will be almost the same. Initially, smoking dry leaves or rubbed hash in raw pre-rolled cones or manually rolled cones were the only two ways to get high on weed that gradually evolved with time. A lot of interesting ways of consuming cannabis are currently available in the market. You can smoke it, vape it, drink it or eat. Also, marijuana never loses its basic properties after processing like opioids and other intoxicants. This property makes it distinctive from the rest of the sedative substances. While buying any kind of marijuana stuff, you need to be aware of their all aspects. For different types of cannabis users, we are providing some crucial information. You should know how to activate Roku device?

Options for smokers 

Smoking is the conventional way to get high on weed. For centuries, we are consuming dry herb strains and hash. There are multiple ways of smoking marijuana including:- 

  • Filling cigarettes

Just empty your cigarette and fill it with cannabis herbs. If you want a mix hit of weed and nicotine, add some amount of tobacco in your stuff to experience some different levels of euphoria. 

  • Manual or pre-rolled cones

These are among the primary choices of all weed lovers because of the customization options. Rolled papers are the best options for those who love to smoke dry herbs. Paper rolling is not a difficult task, you just need an Arabic gum paper and a filter. Those who don’t know how to roll it can also buy pre-rolled joint packs in Canada. 

  • Chillum (Hookah)

This one is the oldest method of weed consumption. With time, it has also evolved into some attractive designs of Hookah. Chillum is basically a small earthen device to combust your stuff. Weed is added from the top which can be herb leaves or hash. Below the weed, a fabric filter is placed for a smooth experience. Try this one only if you are an expert. However, some easy to use hookahs are also available in the market that even a beginner can operate. 

Options for non-smokers 

  • Vaporizers 

For the modern weed lover generation, a weed vaporizer is the most glamorous device. Vaping devices are available in multiple sizes ranging from a pent to desktop stands. They are available with convection and conduction mechanisms. If you want perfect hit with optimum utilization of vaping concentrate, go with the option of vaporizers having convection mechanism. 

  • Edibles 

Edibles are the stealthiest options to get high on weed. Nobody can notice that you are consuming a cookie, gummy or chocolate-infused with a high amount of THC content. However, edibles take almost 30 minutes to metabolize and start showing euphoric impacts. 

The options like pre-rolled cones are easy to prepare and engage you with natural flavors and instant hitting impacts. On the other hand, vaporizers and edibles are suitable for non-smokers and people who are looking for medical marijuana. While buying your stuff, always check the post-consumption impacts such as euphoria, sedation, talkative and relaxation etc. Some strains are meant for day time whereas others for night time consumption. Also, choose the THC percentage according to your capacity. Typically, cannabis stores sell their products containing THC content between 10 to 70% concentration. You can also buy these from cannabis edibles Canada according to your needs.

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