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Workout machines have gotten a pretty bad rap over the past few years. With the rise of HIIT training, resistance bands and hand weights have become the most popular tools for working out. However, popular gyms and personal trainers have forgotten what workout equipment is really for: that is, to help beginners reach a stable fitness level.


Jumping right into a HIIT program with 100 burpees or lifting like crazy right away will just result in injury. Gym machines give you a boost so you get to the fitness level where you can have a choice to increase the intensity of your workout. It’s always a good idea to check out these machines which are available in most quality gyms, including the Rec Xpress in East Brighton. These five machines are the best ones for losing weight in no time!


  1. Treadmill

It might seem like a beginners’ machine, but there is a reason why treadmills are so popular. Treadmills are easily adjustable depending on your pace: you can walk, jog, sprint, or run. There are also handles that you can hold onto if you feel like you’re losing control.


This is perfect for developing endurance and speed as well as raising your base metabolic rate. Make sure to record our progress whenever you run on the treadmill so you can build up to your fitness goals. 


  1. Elliptical Machines


Elliptical machines work a lot of the same areas of the body as the treadmill and have a lot of the same benefits. It’s also used for cardio, focusing mainly on upping your endurance. The main advantage of elliptical machines is that they aren’t hard on the knees so you get the same resistance without a lot of the aches. 


You can use this together with the treadmill or you can choose to transition to the treadmill after losing a certain amount of weight so it’s easier on your knees. There are also ellipticals that give you a pace or track to follow. The elliptical machine’s monitor prompts you to go faster and slower, depending on what you want to achieve. This helps your body adapt to irregular bursts of activity. 


  1. Rowing Machine


Rowing machines are great for sculpting lean muscle and getting rid of fat. Rowing machines are awesome because they give you just the right amount of resistance. Unlike traditional weights which can make you grow bulkier than you’d intended, rowing machines keep you lean and sculpted while still building strength. 


The great thing about strength training is that if you do it quickly enough, it can also double as cardio exercise. Strength training increases the body’s resting metabolic rate and helps burn fat even when you’re just doing everyday tasks Rowing machines work up to 80% of your muscle’s potential, shredding fat and keeping it off!


  1. Group Cycling Classes


Spinning classes have become one of the most popular fitness activities over the past five years–and for a good reason. Group cycling classes are specialized to your fitness level and the music that’s going to be played. They allow you to adjust a number of very important factors: the seat, the resistance, the handlebars. When you’re biking, the distance and angles of your body help in burning fat on different areas of your body.


To get that long, lean, toned biker’s body, join a spinning class at your gym or do it yourself and get on the bike and crank up your playlist. Cycling for least 40 minutes will allow you to see the improvement as early as the next 48 hours.


  1. Seated Overhead Press


Overhead presses are one of the most misconstrued weight training exercises–they are also a common source of injury because a lot of people don’t do them properly. The overhead press sculpts your shoulders and back. It also tones your lats and abs, making it an all-around exercise. It can be very hard for beginners to get the right form. Make sure to do it carefully.


To lose weight efficiently and effectively, choose a gym like the Rec Xpress which has the right kinds of equipment that give your workout plan a boost. If you have the right equipment, then you’ll definitely feel a lot better, faster. Choose a gym that helps boost your fitness!

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