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A dhow is a traditional wooden sailing vessel utilized for fishing and transportation in the past. As the city adopted modernization, a large chunk of these dhows got replaced by modern vessels rendering the dhows noncurrent and disused. Later, these dhows were refurbished for the tourists into floating restaurants.

Taking a dhow cruise is an activity that you must not miss when at Dubai Creek. The city offers dhow cruise from Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. While Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina allows tourists to catch in the modern part of the city of Dubai with its towering skyscrapers, the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek allows tourists to catch the historical glimpses of the rich cultural heritage of the city. Apart from the amazing sight-seeing, you are served tasty meals aboard a dhow cruise along with a live dance and singing performance and an amazingly cordial reception.


  • Dubai Creek Park in a Cable Car


The Dubai Creek Park has cable cars installed 30 meters above the ground allowing the tourists to savor in the greenery and the amazing view of the park from the top. Don’t forget to snap in some fantabulous pictures of the skyline of the city from the cable car.


  • Explore Dubai Creek Park on a Bicycle


If you want to put in some cardio during your vacation, then bicycling at Dubai Creek Park is one of the best options. There’s a separate track for bicycling in the park. While the cable car allows you to explore the park from the top, bicycling allows you to explore the park from the ground.


  • Dubai Creek Park’s Mini Golf Course


At Dubai Creek Park, there’s a mini golf course as well. It is an 18-hole golf course where you can brag your golfing abilities.


  • Take the Mini Train Ride at Creek Park


After you have taken the cable car and are too tired to walk or bicycle for exploring the park from the ground, there’s an option of riding a mini-train as well. Simply hop in the mini train and savor in the scenic beauty and the greenery around you.


  • Dubai Dolphinarium


If you want to see dolphins in action, head over to Dubai Dolphinarium at Dubai Creek. You can snap an amazing selfie with the cute dolphins here. At some times, you are even allowed to swim with them. Make sure you watch the live show to witness some amazing feats performed by dolphins and seals.


  • Dubai Planetarium


If space is your thing, then you will thoroughly enjoy the experience at Dubai Planetarium in Children’s City at Dubai Creek. Apart from the planetarium, the place hosts a space exploration galley and an international cultural gallery as well.


  • Visit the Traditional Souqs


Head over to the gold souqs to buy bargain-priced gold jewelry. Yes! You read it right! You can bargain on gold jewelry prices here. Even if you don’t wish to buy any gold jewelry, you can simply check out the amazing designs showcased at these gold souqs.

Apart from gold souqs, there are spice souqs as well at Dubai Creek where you will find some of the world’s exotic herbs and spices. Make sure you get some for trying in your kitchen back home.


  • Watch the Sunset while you Dine


Watching the sunset at Dubai Creek is like re-living the past. Dine-in at one of the restaurants present in the creek and enjoy the amazing sunset.

Final Words

These are some of the major activities that you can do in Dubai Creek. Make sure you add them all to your itinerary.Vacationing in Dubai is an experience of a lifetime. With activities for people belonging to all the age groups, the city is one of the most preferred tourist spots. In this post, we are covering major activities that you must do at Dubai Creek. The area around Dubai Creek is old Dubai that houses the historical and cultural heritage of the city. That said, the area provides a plenitude of things to explore for the tourists.


  • Re-visit the History


When in Dubai Creek, a visit to Al Bastakiya District, Dubai Museum, and the Heritage Village is a must to revisit the history of the city. Al Bastakiya District is like frozen in time with the old architecture perfectly preserved. You can find a good number of art galleries, cafes, and museums here. Dubai Museum is one of the oldest buildings that still stand in the city. It was constructed in 1787 and is situated in the premises of the Al Fahidi fort. Overall, it doesn’t take to be a history lover to admire the fascinating cultural heritage of the city in Dubai Creek.

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