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Foreign trips are often amazing but a bit expensive. But with the change in technology, things have immensely changed. Now, these international trips are not as expensive as they were before. You can plan a shoestring budget trip for yourself without facing any trouble. There are various online platforms that help you to find the right destination for your next trip. It is easy for them to plan a trip as they provide complete assistance from choosing destinations to booking everything for you. You can even find a world tour package if you love to explore more. These online travel websites help cut down the high brokerage fee on booking things by providing most online services. To help you find the best travel agency for your foreign trip, we have listed some of the best service providers. Check out the list! 

10 Best Travel Websites in India:

  1. MakeMyTrip

It is an Indian travel company that offers various domestic and international travel services. You can check their multiple packages like the destination-specific package, family package, or international holiday package. For the international tours, they have a gamut of destination for you. Even you can avail of their premium cruise and luxury packages.

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the leading travel service providers in the world. It helps to compare the price of flights, hotels, and other services. This is the best way to find the cheap and best services for your trip. They even provide reviews of hotels and flights that help you to find the perfect homestays.  

  1. Cox and Kings

The brand was established in 1758, making it one of the longest established brands in the travel industry. The company operates in over 22 countries across the globe. It is better known for package holidays like the marvel of Europe and Best of Schengen. They can assist you in every type of travel trips from personal to professional. 

  1. Akbar Travels

It is now one of the largest travel agencies in India. They help you find the cheapest hotels, INN, flights, and other services. Wherever you want to travel in the world, they have got you covered. You can check their various international packages like Thailand tour package, Europe tour package, or International tour package. Use their online platform for all these economic services. Using codes like Akbar Travels coupons can help you save more on your orders.

  1. Thomas Cook India

They are known for their tour packages and quality services. Various packages like the USA tour package, Bali tour package, or Mauritius tour package are quite famous. It is also an Indian travel agency and offers a range of travel-related services. Thomas Cook is one of the most trusted brands in terms of quality and savings on services.   

  1. Club Mahindra Holidays

The company was founded in 1996 and is a part of the Mahindra group. They are a bit unique from other travel agencies. The brand works on a membership basis where you get a seven-day holiday package every year for 25 years. You can also use the remaining balance days next year, or even borrow days from next year. They help to plan personal, family or professional holidays at affordable membership plans.

  1. Kesari Tours

Kesari tours are also an Indian travel agency that offers online and offline travel services. They have a section called Tailormade Holidays in these; you have plenty of international destinations to choose from. You can travel to most countries and continents with their premium and economy services. The brand is known for its best safety and security service for its customers.

  1. Yatra

Yatra is also one of the largest travel agencies in India. They assist you in many ways, from booking flights, hotels, buses, and others to safely taking you back from the tour. It is famous for its various travel packages like Thailand and Europe tour packages. The best thing is that it offers ample discounts to its customers to save a hefty amount on traveling expenses. 

  1. Expedia

It is an American travel agency that used to book travel packages, flights, hotels, and others. Expedia offers top deals on tour packages and is also known for Expedia’s International Drive tourism guide. They even help you find local car and hotel deals if you want in any country. Expedia has around 550 partnered airlines, which is quite a significant number. It helps to save more on your flight tickets and lounge services.

  1. Goibibo

The company is a subsidiary of MakeMyTrip, which was founded in 2007. It started working as a travel agency in 2009 and since it has grown so much. The brand offers some of the best luxury travel packages on a small budget. Goibibo holiday travel packages are quite popular because of its amazing deals on bookings. You can travel anywhere from exotic to jungle safaris they got all covered.


That’s it for the list! These ten travel agencies are best at their work. You can try using any of them for your next tour, and you will not regret it. These companies are known for their brand value and quality service provided to their customers. Also, you can compare prices between all the sites and choose the best one accordingly. So it is the time to plan a budget trip to Europe, Dubai, or any other place you like.

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