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There are few crimes that subject both the complainant and the defendant to public humiliation and family disgrace, whether you are the victim of extortion by a lady you met at a bar or on the internet, or you are accused of Blackmail and find yourself in handcuffs with the NYPD. While crimes involving Grand Larceny in New York frequently centre on the value of the theft or illegally taken property, such as an Embezzlement scheme, this subset of offences is significantly more complicated and necessitates the assistance of a Blackmail lawyer regardless of where you fall in the justice system.. Because the Penal Code gives prosecutors the power to charge a person with a crime in any situation, knowing the legal code is essential if you want to safeguard your rights. In any الإلكترونية الجرائم مكافحة وحدة, we can help you out.


Criminal law defines blackmail as extortion in New York Penal Law Section 155.05(2) (e). As a general rule: the first part of this crime is met if you force, intimidate, terrify, or coerce another person into giving you property (often money, but not always). Additionally, due of this conduct, the targeted party is obligated to provide you with the property you want because they are worried that you or another individual may commit an offence.

Various Levels of Coercion

If law enforcement is successful in laying this foundation, the focus shifts to determining the severity of the offence. The above-mentioned general and automatic crime is Fourth Degree Grand Larceny, as defined by New York Penal Law 155.30(6). Regardless of whether the property is worth $1 or $1 million, this is a class “E” felony violation. Grand Larceny in the Second Degree (NY Penal Law 155.40(2)) is a class “C” felony, which is the most severe kind of larceny. While threatening to do harm to the victim’s property might increase the seriousness of the crime, the “traditional” method is to threaten to harm the victim physically if the property or money is not returned.

A broken finger, cracked lip, or even a punch to the belly will do; it doesn’t have to be life-altering or even fatal. The last thing that affects your final charge is whether or not you are successful in unjustly obtaining the money you have received from the government. Prosecutors still have grounds to arrest and prosecute you if you fail but make considerable efforts. For example, instead of being charged with Grand Larceny in the Third Degree, the attempted crime is reduced by one degree. Class “D” felony would become a class “E” felony in this case, with the corresponding sentence and consequences. You can get our help in الإلكترونية الجرائم.


All White Collar Crimes, including Extortion, have the same sentence parameters. An infraction may not result in obligatory detention until the theft surpasses $1 million, but it does not imply a first-time offender will escape jail or prison. First-time offenders face the possibility of prison even if they get a sentence that includes conditions such as probation, conditional release, fines, or community service.

Coupling up, having flings, and such such nonsense

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