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When you think of the best social media for promoting your video marketingFacebook video live streaming marketing is the master of all. In actual fact, earlier 2020 it was proclaimed that Facebook platform recorded over 100 million hours of daily video watch time on Facebook.Facebook video marketing will help you revolutionize your business to a level you could not imagine. With only a computer, mobile android phone or tablet with operating system you can manage your business anywhere in the world be it in a holiday or at home with your family during this covid-19 pandemic periods. The future is in your hands.


Facebook live video streaming will have the following effects to your business:


  • Your business will have a chance to develop loyal customers or fans over a period of time.
  • Your business will develop a lot of leads.
  • The Facebook platform will provide a marketplace insight.
  • Increased traffic which is one of the major benefit of using Facebook live video streaming marketing.
  • Your business or company will increase exposure when you use Facebook as a media for marketing.
  • Communication between businesses to customer (B2C) will be quick and direct.
  • Nearly all business to customers’ marketers are focused on Facebook as a media for marketing.
  • Facebook video live stream channels used by marketers is ranked second with 49% behind YouTube with 55%. This shows how potential Facebook video livestream can elevate your business or company to greater heights.

Marketers mostly plan on increasing their use of YouTube video by (69%), and Facebook video by (66%).


  • Production of videos for marketing will proof to be expensive.
  • Creating a video for marketing always has stages for production before launching, this is tedious and intense.
  • Videos are well known to be hard to update after posting it for marketing purposes.
  • Depending on your intent, you might not reach all audience.

With all the pros and cons Facebook video marketing is still one of the best platform used by major marketers to promote their brands and product prices so as to reach their targeted customers.

In this period of covid-19 pandemic where there is limited movement and lockdown issues Facebook video live streaming marketing can do the donkey work for your business or company on live feeds on.

Facebook video live streaming services will guarantee you traffic on your marketing videos to your targeted audience.

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