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Sometimes we come across certain videos on Facebook which are hilarious and worth sharing. Facebook, however, does not allow the general users who are not the owners of the video to download it. It either allows you to tag the person in the comments or send the link via Facebook messenger to the people you wish to share with. You can also share the video on their timeline. However, these methods of sharing might not be preferred by the people since there is a lack of privacy and also you might not be able to share it with those whom you are not connected with on facebook. Don’t worry we have a solution for you- in this article, we shall discuss how to download Facebook videos on your phones.


This is one of the ways to download a Facebook video. This is a bit tedious and can be difficult on a mobile phone. Here are the steps for the same:-

STEP 1 Open Facebook on your laptop or desktop browser.

STEP 2 Click on the video post that you wish to download.

STEP 3 Copy the URL of the video or the post.

STEP 4 Paste the copied URL in the search bar above the screen.

STEP 5 Change the “www.xn--facebook-kq3d to “m.facebook” and press Enter key.

STEP 6 Now play the video.

STEP 7 Open the Developer Console on your desktop. The shortcut key is [Ctrl+Shift+J]

STEP 8 Inspect the video element from the top left corner.

STEP 9 Click on the video and check for the box in the Developers tools area.

STEP 10 Again copy and paste the video URL to address bar and hit Enter key.

STEP 11 Right-click on the video and select the “save video as” option.

STEP 12 Choose the name of your file and hit save. Your video is now downloaded on your laptop or desktop.


This website is completely free to download. It enables you to install ALL type of videos from all over the internet. Be it YouTube videos or Facebook videos. Following are the steps to download and save videos to your device:-

STEP 1 Open “”. That is the best Facebook video downloader.

STEP 2 Open Facebook on your laptop or desktop browser.

STEP 3 Click on the video or post you wish to download.

STEP 4 Copy the URL of the video.

STEP 5 Open “” and paste the URL.

STEP 6 Select the format and quality.

STEP 7 Click on the download button.

STEP 8 Locate your downloaded file in the desktop folders and you have your video ready to go.


You have successfully downloaded the video into your device and the video is saved on your desktop or phones. Both of the above methods are equally useful and can be utilized as per your requirements. In this way, you can not only download a single video but you can also download songs from Facebook. Now you can share these videos anytime and anywhere and watch them anytime you wish.

That’s all for this article! Using these 2 methods you can download Facebook videos hassle-free and legally and move them into your device. It is much convenient to have the videos on your phone in certain situations. We hope this article comes useful when you have to download the videos next time. You can now easily enjoy your videos on your phone without worrying about data consumption.Apart from downloading facebook videos you can also download youtube videos to Mp4 Mp3 for free through same method.

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