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Animation video is a popular marketing tool to clearly explain a story to the intended target audience. About two-thirds of the population are visual learners and virtually all information that goes to the visitor’s brain is visual. Half of the brain takes up the effort because, according to biologists, sight is the brain’s most dominant sense. We are happy to share with you why animation videos are effective.

Animation keeps the attention

Visitors have a short concentration and therefore do not spend much time on a video. An animation video must generate emotion to keep the viewer interested. In general, the animation is not considered an advertisement if it is entertaining. This allows the attention to be maintained.

Animation makes it easier

By using animation you do not have to take into account how realistic it is. This means that there is no need to take into account the laws of nature and logic. This makes it easier to explain complex subjects in a fun and simple way. Making an animation will be very effective because you can make any subject more attractive to the viewer.

Animation takes you back in time

Many people, animation reminds us of their childhood. Animation can give the feeling that you are going back in time. The power of nostalgia takes away all emotions and depression, leaving only happy emotions. Cheerful emotions are the perfect emotions to evoke in your marketing communications.


You must entertain visitors. People generally like to be entertained, so make your animation video enjoyable. Viewers will remember your animation video faster. This can ensure that you generate more brand awareness or higher conversion.


One of the biggest advantages of an animation video is that an animation video is very beneficial. Having a normal animation video made can cost more than two thousand euros. Fortunately, you can have an animation video made cheaply at View Glue Animation Studio.

Types of animation techniques

Animations have been around since the 18th century until the present day, these are still made. What is animation? The animation is a representation of movement by playing different still images one after the other. Making an animation video is done using different techniques.

Cut-out animation or leg animation

With a cut-out animation or leg animation, pieces of a drawing are cut out. During the recording of the animation, the filmmaker moves the separate pieces (images) picture by picture in front of the camera. When creating characters, a doll is made that consists of separate elements, such as the arms and legs that can be moved independently of each other.

Clay animation

A clay animation speaks for itself. With this technique, a figure is made from soft clay. This figure is deformed step by step. An animator makes ‘clay phases’ in advance. These phases are switched each time for the next phase during the recording.

Puppet movie

During this technique, self-made animals or characters are animated frame by frame in front of the camera. The characters or animals often contain iron wires, so that the animation maker can put them in a different position.

2D computer animation

Nowadays almost all animations are made on the computer. With this technique, the drawings are first made without a computer. The animation maker makes the drawings with a pencil or ink on the screen. Reputed Mango Animation Maker gives you access to lots of features like availability of SVGs, images, SWF’s, subtitles, recordings multi-track timeline, dynamic characters and much more.

3D computer animation

Creating a 3D computer animation is performed by various computer programs. All figures are made with the computer. Also, the decor is built up in it and the lighting is all controlled via the program. Because of all the effects, the computer needs a lot of calculation time to make the final images for the film.

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