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The majority of men have erection problems at some point in their life, some times the erection deficit is occasional and is resolved by itself in which instance there is no need to worry about it. But in some cases, the failed erection becomes so frequent and comes without any warning or with any factor that could be modified. This is the time when an erection problem is considered erectile dysfunction and it should be taken seriously.

Erectile dysfunction is a disease in men characterized by the loss of ability to obtain a normal erection in response to sexual stimuli.

Most men experience erectile dysfunction in their late age that is why people associate old age with erectile dysfunction which is not right, erectile dysfunction can also occur at a young age owing to other factors.

Just like old age, some other stereotypes need clarity.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction can be treated effectively with the help of oral medications that belong to a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor drugs. Vilitra 40 is a potent drug for erectile dysfunction. You can buy vilitra 40 mg online and from stores as well.

These erectile dysfunction drugs may not work in some rare cases and are also falsely associated with causing some serious medical issues. To know more about what are the myths and what facts need to be understood read more about erectile dysfunction in the following sections.

  • Does ED medications cause blindness?

No, these medications are safe to use. Some people may report instant blindness after taking the pills but that was not necessarily due to taking ED drugs there may be other underlying pathology contributing to the sudden loss of vision in those patients.

  • Does taking PDE-5 inhibitors to cause a heart attack?

No, that’s a false observation that heart attack occurs because of these medications. Cardiac problem due to ED drugs is not yet supported by researches, there may be few cases reported but that data could not be generalized to a whole population of PDE-5 inhibitors takers.

  • Can I take ED drugs along with Nitric Oxide drugs?

The answer again is a no, as both PDE-5 inhibitors and nitric oxide cause vasodilation, so the combined effect of both drugs can lead to a seriously low blood volume and the patient can die as a result of hypovolemic shock.

  • Would I get melanoma if I take ED drugs?

No one can have melanoma by just taking erectile dysfunction drugs that have been approved by the FDA. However, if there are any fake names then you should be aware of it and use a credible source for purchasing medications.

  • Why don’t my ED medications work effectively?

There are several reasons for your ED medications not working effectively. If you are diabetic then the medications may not be reaching blood vessels or may not absorb at the capillary level as the blood vessel walls of diabetic patients are not good enough. Secondly, if you take your ED medications after having a fatty meal, the effective dosage may not get absorbed from your gut into your blood, reducing the effectiveness of the drug.

  • If I have an erection problem due to low testosterone, can ED drugs help?

ED drugs are vasodilators that work if a person gets sexually stimulated. Whereas low testosterone means a low libido, in this case, ED drugs are of no use until testosterone replacement therapy is done. HRT is something that everyone that goes through male menopause should opt for to balance out their testosterone levels. Just make sure to choose a reputable company like Male Excel HRT, as there are many shady dealers.

  • ED a sign of cardiac disease:

If you have an erection problem without any known predisposing factor, you need to monitor your vitals and go for a cardiovascular checkup to a heart clinic because sudden unpredictable ED could be a symptom of underlying cardiac pathology.


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