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Although it is common for a partner to be financially dependent on their spouse when the marriage gets affected due to personal fights and misunderstandings, getting a divorce can be challenging.

Mainly when the dissolution of marriage results in a financial crisis for the other partner, in such cases, the court orders for a legal obligation on the partner who can provide financial support, referred to as spousal or alimony support, to their spouse who is not financially stable.

Alimony support cannot be obtained immediately because there are some criteria the court will consider before making the order on a partner. If you are divorced and facing a financial crisis, you can contact the divorce law firm, Coil Law, who can offer legal help in getting alimony.

Here are the factors that will be considered when obtaining alimony support:


  • Financial status 


Since alimony is allowed based on the financial status of a spouse, both the partners’ financial status will be checked and verified to ensure that they are not playing fraud and need financial support in reality. The court will also check with the other partner to provide alimony. Only then, a legal obligation will be made for spousal support.


  • Marriage length


The court will also consider the length of a couple’s marriage in some cases to ensure that the couple has stayed together for a specific period. Hence, a partner agrees to provide alimony support. If the couple had children from their marriage, the partner needs to help


  • Financial responsibility


A spouse could seek alimony from their party even if their partner did not take care of them financially during their marriage. In most cases, the financial irresponsibility of a partner is considered a valid factor to provide alimony support to the other partner.


  • Educational purposes


Suppose the spouse requests alimony for educational expenses when the pending divorce case. In that case, the court may order their partner to provide spousal support, which helps the requesting partner go to school to fulfill their educational needs.

The court expects several conditions to make a partner provide alimony support to their partner. In most cases, a partner would avoid providing alimony support if they are only expecting a divorce, so contacting an experienced divorce attorney is crucial because the attorney will ensure that the partner gives alimony support for their spouse who is suffering from a financial crisis. Complications may occur if a partner disagrees with providing alimony support.

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