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Car accidents can be as confusing as painful. Victims are stuck in a turmoil of emotions and trauma and are often unsure about how to move forward. The first step you should take is to contact Los Angeles car accident attorneys.

The law is complicated, and you are bound to have various questions regarding compensation, trial procedures, liability, damages, etc. A trusted attorney can answer your questions and guide you through the process, making the process less hectic for you. Meanwhile, we have brought here 6 frequently asked questions about car accidents that you may find helpful.

Frequently asked questions about car accidents: 


  • I am self-employed. Can I still get compensated for lost income?


Yes. Even if you are self-employed, getting injured in an accident can prevent you from working, which may affect your financial stability. If you have a business, you may get additional costs for hiring substitute employees for doing the job.


  • I am not injured. Should I still go to the doctor?


Some injuries are internal and cannot be detected with the naked eye. Ignoring such injuries can cause them to worsen over time and affect your health. Therefore, you should always go for a health check-up after a car accident.


  • I said something incorrect in front of the police. Will that be used against me?


In short, no. What you tell the police is to only help them collect the facts of the case and not to incriminate you. The purpose of your statements to the police after a crash is to simply complete the police report. If you accidentally say something wrong which gets written in the report, it can be challenged by your attorney in court.


  • Can I decide whether I want to replace or repair my car?


Normally, whether your car will be repaired, replaced, or reimbursed for your car’s value is decided by the insurance company. They investigate the condition of your car and make a decision. If your car is repairable, they will only give you money for the repairs and not replace it with another new car.


  • The responsible driver has fled the scene. What should I do?


The thing you should not do is follow the car. You should remain at the accident scene and call 911. When the police arrive, they will start their investigation, which may help find the culprit.


  • The insurance adjuster of the other driver is calling me. What should I say to them?


Avoid talking to them yourself. Instead, let your attorney speak to them. In most cases, the insurer is looking to make you agree on a settlement, even before you have had the time to calculate your damages. This is one of their tactics to lessen the compensation.

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