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Sometimes 24 hours a day are just not enough. There’s too much work even to consider cleaning around the house. It’s just not a priority chore.

That’s when a cleaning service comes in! They come bearing a magical broom that would rid your house of all the unwanted dirt and filth.

But there are about 32,421 commercial cleaning businesses in Australia. Average cleaners Sydney charges about $50-$80 per hour. 

So how do you make your pick? What do you consider before signing up with a cleaning service? Cleaning up your queries one at a time.

Factor 1: Prices (of course!)

Everyone likes to stick to their budget. Who doesn’t like cheap price offerings? But you have to be careful about the prices that seem too good to be true!

After all, you get what you pay for. 

So, if the price is low, it’s likely that the cleaning company isn’t even running a real business. Instead, they might find someone random willing to clean your house and pay them under the table. They might not even make any quality checks, either.

Factor 2: Communication

Another super important thing that you must consider before hiring a cleaner is their level of communication. 

Nobody wants excessive, nagging calls and e-mails, but if there is radio silence on the company’s end – that isn’t good! 

A company with an open communication channel will be more likely to hear your requirements and grievances. If any changes occur on the company’s part, it should be promptly communicated with you too.

Factor 3: Insurance

You might not think it’s crucial, but it is significant to hire a cleaner with valid insurance and worker’s communication.

When they aren’t covered with safety, neither are you.

When the cleaners are on your premises, any theft or damage that occurs will make you liable too. If there is no worker’s compensation in the company, they can sue you for any damage caused to any employee on your property.

Ask your cleaning service for copies of their insurance certificates to ensure your safety.

Factor 4: Quality Checks

What good is a cleaning company if they do not maintain quality checks?

The sole job of cleaners isn’t to wipe your house clean. It is also essential to ensure a particular standard of work was upheld and met. Customer’s satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Quality control checks happen through incentives, done by managers or on-site supervisors, etc. 

A good cleaning company will employ multiple quality check methods – on-site and off-site.

Factor 5: Client Retention

A quick fun fact: an average cleaning company happens to lose 55% of their clients due to poor work quality or non-performance?

You wouldn’t want to hire a cleaning service that wouldn’t come through with their promise, right? Ask the company for their client retention rate. It would give you an idea about whether the services are likeable or not.

Client reviews are also a helpful parameter to gauge the goodness of their services.

Last Words

A cleaning service is a business much like any other. Whether they are cleaners Sydney or cleaners in the USA, they are all the same – fighting off competitors, offering dazzling discounts and providing service.  

The critical question is, what will the quality of their services be?

Imagine the kind of scrutiny you would employ before hiring a wedding planner. Similarly, if you have to maintain the beauty of your house, it would be best to consider all aspects before hiring a cleaner carefully.

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