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In most of the under-construction sites and buildings, you may have caught sight of colorful tapes tied at boundaries. This geospatial equipment are known as Flagging Tape or Fluorescent tapes. Regardless of industries, this safety marker is prevalent for its user-friendly and durable features. These tapes specify caution from getting into specific areas. The prime attraction of this flagging Tape is its non-adhesive nature and bright colors. From industry to industry, the usage of these tapes varies. Fluorescent tapes can be your best helping hand in highlighting something or preventing someone from entering that particular space. 

Significance of colors in the flagging tapes

There are various colors of flagging tapes used in different industries, and they need to abide by the color code to signify the various level of danger. Based on colors, Flagging Tape can be differentiated into the following types:

Green Flagging Tape: highlights sewers and drains 

Red flagging Tape: marks caution against electric cables and lighting cables

Blue flagging Tape: highlights water pipes

Orange flagging tape: represents cables and communication lines

Yellow flagging Tape: marks petroleum, oil, gas, steam pipes, and gaseous pipes 

White flagging Tape: marks proposed unearthing routes

Purple flagging Tape: highlights slurry lines, irrigation, and reclaimed water 

Pink flagging Tape: marks quick survey. 

Different applications of Flagging tapes 

Flagging Tape is an essential safety aid for multiple reasons, and the government has made it mandatory to use these flagging tapes and follow the regulations. Here are some of the significant applications of flagging tapes are described. 

Response to the disaster management 

Whenever some natural disaster happens, flagging tapes play a vital role in marking the zone as a medical emergency and keeping the people away to maintain utmost safety.

Marks hazards at construction sites 

Flagging Tape is widely used in construction sites to mark possible dangers like drains, gas pipes, electrical lines, cables, etc. 

Makes boundaries for navigating outdoor activities 

Flagging tapes play the most valuable role in seamless navigation in outdoor entertainment like paintballing, hunting, orienteering, biking, and caving. 

Identifies boundaries in surveying 

Surveyors heavily use flagging tapes for designating land boundaries for particular purposes. Since the project development continues for months or years, it is crucial to remain the color of the Tape intact. The durability of the paint is the trademark of the Flagging Tape, which won’t get faded whatever the weather condition will be. 

Codes hospital equipment 

Hospital is such a place where flagging tapes are a real savior in color-coding the essential equipment. With the proper coding with flagging Tape, equipment and tools can be easily transported to different spaces off the hospital and returned to their real place. Pharmacists also keep faith in flagging tapes to tag certain dangerous medications with colored tapes and prevent patients from receiving them. 

Highlights hidden dangers in forests 

In forestry, the use of flagging tapes is inevitable. For marking safe trails, unhealthy trees, and potential hazards, the bright colors are of great advantage for the visitors. Foresters traveling at night can use this Tape to focus on the animal habitats and make people alert to potential dangers. 

Aids firefighters in a wildfire 

Firefighters often place flagging tapes while they head towards suppressing wildland fire. These tapes are super-efficient in helping the firefighters locate the actual site and help them safely back to the safe place. 

Labels navigation points in mines 

In the mining industry, safety is the top-most factor, and thus flagging tapes are helpful throughout the different stages of operation. From pinpointing drill holes to labeling reference points, flagging Tape is the ultimate solution for every emergency. 

Ensure the best utilization of flagging tapes 

Any high-quality Flagging Tape ensures that everyone can get it to view. Always keep specific spaces between the marked area and the Flagging Tape to use it at its best. Stay firmed while using the right colors in different conditions to prevent mishaps. It is most worthwhile to apply your common sense and figure out how to use fluorescent tapes. This way, the usage of fluorescent tapes will be super easy. The moment you feel like assembling it, fix it for prolonged use. If you research thoroughly, you will know that Gujrat-based Singhal Industries is one of the leading flagging tape manufacturing companies that commit to designing the most robust color-coding tapes to make them suitable for all points of interest. 

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