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turf supplies in Sydney

You Googled turf supplies in Sydney and now you find artificial turf ads on every website you visit. Being a budget-conscious buyer, you cannot make a purchase without weighing the pros and cons of the product. You don’t want to be roped in a wrong purchase without being aware of the qualities, cost, durability, maintenance costs and pros and cons of synthetic grass. Today, we will discuss the factors you have to consider to make an informed purchase. 


You are going to install the turf blacktown in an area in your house or office. Make sure that the turf can endure the traffic in that area. If your kids and pets love to play around in the lawn, the turf should be highly durable. It will wear out quickly if you are installing less durable turf in that area. However, when you are installing highly durable turf, you will have to compromise on comfort. 


The highest quality artificial turf feels soft to the touch. The best quality artificial lawns are made from polyethylene yarns or polypropylene or polyamide turfs. It is evenly backed. It has a consistent colour and well-stitched tufts. Good quality turf is more expensive. However, it is a long-term investment. So, invest it in the best quality turf.

Pile Height 

Pile height is the length of the blade from the backing to the tip. If you want to install a lush-looking lawn, you might want to choose a turf with a taller pile height. However, the gravitational pull leads to longer grass blades. So, blades bend over themselves and your lawn looks flat.

30-37 mm pile height is ideal for natural looking lawn. If you are going to place furniture on the turf, choose a turf with a shorter pile height. 

Infill and Backing 

Infill is used to keep the turf springy and look lush. Sand and rubber crumb are popular materials for infill. The backing of artificial grass is either made from latex or polyurethane. The polyurethane does not expand or contract. However, latex does expand or shrink by 5 -10 mm. Polyurethane backing is ideal for areas that are exposed to extreme weather changes. 

Density And Weight 

Density is the amount of yarn or fibre used per square unit of the turf. So, a dense turf has more yarn content and it is also more expensive. It provides you with the lawn with better aesthetic appeal. It is durable enough for heavy traffic areas. If you cannot invest in high-density turf, you can improve the performance and longevity of the lesser density turf with sand infill. 

High-density turf is lighter than lesser density turf. Do not consider weight as a factor when you are installing turf in your backyard or garden. However, you have to consider the weight of the turf if you want to install it in your balcony. 


Turf grass comes in lime green, darker green, olive green and various shades of green. Cheaper turf comes in green shades, but it does not look like natural grass. Avoid perfectly green turfs. Depending on your preferences, you can invest in brisbane turf suppliers with different shades. 


Artificial grass demands less maintenance as compared to natural grass. This turf looks great for years.

All these factors dictate the cost of the turf. Cost is an important factor. However, you cannot ignore these seven factors.

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