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Necklaces come in a lot of amazing varieties. Delicate chains, bold pendants, sparkling diamonds — so many choices! The right necklace isn’t just jewelry. It expresses style and completes, as well as complements, an outfit.

So, choosing a necklace wisely is key. You will have to consider your loved one’s taste. You will have to think about their wardrobe and personality. And do not forget that there are practical considerations like comfort. That’s where this guide will help you. And by the end, you’ll find the perfect necklace — be it for your girlfriend, wife, or even a colleague. 

Personal Style

A good necklace is not one that women wear only on occasions. Women love jewelry, and they can wear it everyday. The problem lies in choosing the right kind of jewelry that becomes a part of their everyday look. Here’s what to consider:


  • Wardrobe Assessment: Check out her closet and find out if her closet leans towards neutrals or bold colors. Does she favor high necklines or plunging ones? And try to match their necklace in her current wardrobe.
  • Lifestyle Needs: Carefully evaluate her everyday life choices. Usually, workdays call for simpler pieces. And women save the glitz and glam for parties! So, try to pick a necklace for the occasions that you want her to wear your gifted necklace. 
  • Individual Preferences: Personal taste varies from woman to woman. So, check if the woman you want to give the necklace to is drawn to delicate designs or big, bold statements. You can even consider a custom necklace to match her style. Or does she like vintage finds or sleek modern pieces? For most women, a necklace is very personal, so ensure that it reflects her true personal taste. 

The Right Metal

Choosing the right metal is another important aspect for ensuring that the necklace has the right glow and suits her perfectly. There are many options: 

Popular Metals

  • Gold: Timeless, rich, with various shades – yellow, rose, and white gold — all have their unique looks. However, remember that higher-karat gold requires more careful handling.
  • Silver: Sleek and luminous, silver can complement many styles. And women do it for its simplicity and ability to match with just about anything. However, watch for tarnishing over time and regularly clean it to keep the shine!
  • Platinum: Another luxurious choice! Unlike silver, platinum resists wear and has a naturally bright silvery color. However, it’s generally the most expensive.

Matching Skin Tone

  • Warm Undertones: If yellow gold and rose gold are beautifully flattering on you, then do consider it — as they suit warm undertones. Additionally, consider warmer shades of gemstones to go along with yellow or rose gold metals. 
  • Cool Undertones: Silver and white gold bring out a radiant glow. Generally, cool toned gems like blues and greens are stunning accents that go along well with them. 
  • Neutral Undertones: Most metals flatter those lucky with neutral undertones. So, you can go with her personal taste. 

Metal Allergies

If your woman has metal allergies, then go for hypoallergenic options that are specifically designed for sensitive skin. These include stainless steel, titanium, and high-purity platinum — and are safe bets. 

Pendant Matters

Pendants aren’t just decorative items. They should add a touch of her personality. If you really care about the person, then the pendant should also carry special meaning. And it should instantly transform from being 

Pendants aren’t just decoration.


  • Initials: Her own initial, yours, or even a loved one’s will create a piece that will feel uniquely hers.
  • Birthstones: Each month has a gemstone with traditional meanings — you can go along that line too. This will add a symbolic layer to any necklace.
  • Symbols: Hearts, infinity signs, stars – there’s a world of pendants representing everything from love to resilience. Choose one that will reflect her values or reminds her of something special.

Size and Proportion

  • Delicate Chains: Smaller pendants maintain an elegant look. So, do not try to overwhelm a delicate chain with a weighty stone.
  • Thicker Chains: If you want a weighty stone and want to achieve a balanced aesthetics, you can go for the thicker designs.


  • Diamonds: Always classic! However, remember, clarity and cut matter just as much as size — avoid lab-made diamonds. 
  • Sapphires: Deep blue that gives a timeless feeling. But if you increase the budget, then you can find sapphire in other vibrant colors too.
  • Emeralds: Their rich green is stunning, associated with love and rebirth.
  • Pearls: Exude classic elegance. You can pay for freshwater pearls for affordability or luxurious Akoya pearls to add a unique luster.


Choosing a gemstone is again deeply personal. You can even consider asking her favorites — given it will make the necklace even more special for her.

Practical Considerations

A beautiful necklace does not mean it also brings stress alongside its beauty. So, choosing wisely is necessary, you can keep these things in mind:


  • Set Your Limit: Be honest about what you can comfortably spend beforehand, and avoid impulse buys that’ll strain your wallet.
  • It’s Not Just Price: Factor in metal type, craftsmanship, and any gemstones if looking at pendants. Remember, more expensive doesn’t always mean equally better.


  • Examine the Detail: Check the chain links for strength and even spacing. The necklace should be designed well, so that the pendants have secure gemstone settings.
  • Look for Hallmarks: These tiny stamps are indications for metal type and purity. Reputable pieces typically have them.
  • Ask About Durability: Especially for everyday pieces, the necklace should withstand normal wear.


So, there you go! That’s how to choose the best type of necklace for your woman. Ensure to purchase the jewelry from trusted jewelers. 

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