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German company Porsche has an established name in automobile sector especially in sports car. This company manufactures sports cars along with Sedans and SUVs. Recently in year 2016 Porsche has introduced two 718 models, Porsche 718 Boxter and 718 Cayman. These cars were manufactured in Stuttgart.

Special features of Porsche 718 Boxter:

This wonderful car can be used for regular use. Its mid-engine allows to make comfortable space for your luggage. Luggage can be fit in the back and front compartments. The engine is powered by a new four cylinder 2.0 and 2.5 Litre turbo charged engine. It has innovative infotainment like smart phone tray, wireless internet access, online navigation, fully automatic hood which opens and closes in 9s at up to 50 km per hour. The body shape of Porsche 718 Boxter is very attractive.

Porsche 718 Cayman:

Like Boxter Cayman also has some special features. The powerful flat turbo engines are constructed to concur. Its light weight feature provides experience of endurance and hill climb races. This shows its will to explore beyond expectations. Cayman classic mid-engine rear wheel drive provides comfort to its rider. Its more powerful flat four engines makes it suitable for the new era. Their redesigned dash board and their new central PCM (Porsche communication management screen) dominate the centre stack.

Porsche 718 performance parts:

The specific performance parts of the 718 Porsche are accessible and anyone can buy it online or from the automobile market. Here are lists of Porscheper formance parts for the owners.

  1. Exhaust systems with dual rear exit.
  2. Brakes
  3. Fuel systems.
  4. Performance air intake system.
  5. Engine components.
  6. Performance engine cooling.
  7. Performance steering parts.
  8. Performance transmission parts.
  9. Suspension system.
  10. Power adders.
  11. Performance starting and engine charging.
  12. Racing gear.
  13. Performance drive line and axles.

Introduction to Porsche racing steering wheels:

Race track, a place where racers heart beat loudest. The joy of victory and sorrow of defeat is a part of racers life. Sports car gives them wings to fly. The powerful engines loud noise are heavenly feeling for them. Sports car give meaning to their life and since 70 years Porsche is helping them to live their dream. Porsche has become a big name for sports cars. It has introduced man models in these years. They are manufacturing improved and modified version with advanced technology in sport car segment. Let it be 718 models, 911 models Toican, Panamera, Cayenne all have special features which make them unique. Porsche use innovative ideas to modify their product in order to maintain their quality. They have been manufacturing sports cars and have introduced many models and series in sports car section. The parts of these cars plays important role in their built.

Porsche racing steering wheels:

Like other parts Porsche steering wheels provides special features to these cars. Many companies manufacture steering wheels for sports car. There are many types of products in the market these days. Let’shave a look;

  1. Universal steerings: Universal steerings made with finest quality material provides exceptional performance to its drivers. The efficiency and trouble free service will last longer.
  2. Classic sterring wheels: Classic sterring wheels are inspired by the retro Porsche models of 60s and 70s era.
  3. Wood sterring wheels: These are crafted by finest material and experts care. They have leather covers for good grip.
  4. Custom sterring wheels: These sterring wheels are popular for their unique individual look.
  5. Racing sterring wheels: These are designed to provide best style and performance.


Parts of a Chevy LS and Chevy LT make them unique. When it comes to Porsche sports car the name itself is a guarantee of excellent quality and performance.

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