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Perfect glasses for suitable face shape

More than half of the population, roughly around 60% have either myopia (near-sightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness).This has people relying on dailies total contact lenses or putting up prescription eyeglasses.”. With time, it is now possible to sit at the comfort of your desk and buy such glasses from the best online eyeglass store. But, buying in such cases involves you to pick the best one out without actually be able to try it on your face. While this may seem like an issue for the purist, there are ways to choose the men and women’s prescription eyeglasses online.

Regardless of the gender, face types of men and women are usually classified in the below-mentioned shapes;

– Square-shaped face

– Oblong face

– Heart-shaped face

– Round face

Most of the people may end up buying the glasses looking at their friends or celebrities. But, it is important to realize that while it may suit them it does necessarily mean that it will suit on your face. This is because of their face type and shape may be different than yours. Therefore, one must first try to find out what sort a face they have and accordingly choose the right eyewear to enhance their face.

Check out the guide below that helps you buy antiglare eyeglasses online in India.

  • Square-shaped faceFor those having a sharp jawline, square-shaped chin, along with apparent horizontal jawline in-symmetry with the forehead, chin and upper jawline define a square-shaped face. If you have such square face then most of the eyeglass and sunglass styles will grace personality. On the contrary, if you have a thin, square face then it is recommended to hide such sharp edges. In such cases, avoid wearing eyeglasses having stark geometric shapes like squares and rectangles. Another thing to consider is to avoid wearing light coloured frames since it does not accentuate the face shape.square shape face
    Try visiting best online eyeglass store and search for round and oval frames that are dark and bold. This helps in contrasting the facial features by adding curves to your edgy face for a harmonizing effect.


  • Oblong FaceFor those of you having your forehead a tad wider than the chin with face length almost one-half times than the width, then you are having an oblong face type. Another significant feature of having such a face is that the jawlines are slightly curved and cheekbones are high. Having such a face opens a plethora of options to choose the eyeglasses for. Most of the women who possess this versatile face type can try out some square or round women prescription eyeglasses online.oblong face shape
    To better get the right looks, men having oblong faces can go for a dark or light square frame to create a harmony between face size and shape. It is advised not to have too large frames or something like aviators that can hide your cheekbones. Also, oval frames too create a dissymmetry and should be avoided at all cost.


  • Heart-Shaped FaceA shape that is angularly combined with a narrow forehead featuring cheekbones and chin as the widest-most face points then it a heat-shaped face. Another significant feature is the spotting angular jawlines. Such people should emphasize more on the cheekbones and not the face length. If you are looking to buy anti-glare eyeglasses online in India then go for the rimless frames. And for experimenting, go ahead with clubmaster glasses having a string brow lines.heart face shape
    It is highly recommended to do away with the boxy and thin frames. Such frames will pull viewers’ attention to your eyes which are quite narrow-gaped as compared to cheekbones. And trying to sport big, angled frames can cause your face to look uneven. But, if you are looking for full-rim eyeglasses then trying out an oval-shaped frame is not a bad idea either. Just do not opt a frame of any heavy décor or dark colour.


  • Oval-Shaped FaceA round face is the one having a proportional symmetry of length and width of the face. Another prominent feature of an oval face is the wide forehead, prominent round cheeks and also a round chin. People with such faces should try balancing the curves with edges of the frames. Therefore, it is recommended for people with round faces to grace themselves with rectangular or square-shaped frames while looking to buy eyeglasses online.oval face shape
    This is because the straight lines will sharpen up your features and balance the roundness of your face. Wearing eyeglasses that are wider than the face will reflect an illusion of a rather slim face. Also, it is best to avoid frames that are too small or short as they may look your face look rounder. This means, if you are looking to make the most out of your face type, don’t yearn for those Harry Potter glasses.


Concluding Thoughts… 

Buying eyeglasses online is a taxing task regardless of gender. Therefore, choosing the best-suited glasses based on face shape and size is important. Following the above-given methods, one can easily decide what suits them the best. Also, there are other types of face shapes like diamond-shaped faces, oval-shaped faces and pear faces. Most of the tips of hearth shaped faces apply to the one having diamond-shaped faces.

And then, even the round-shaped faces can try implementing tips that are mentioned for the oblong and oval-shaped faces. The pear-shaped face is the one that blends heart and diamond shape. People with such faces can follow the guidelines for its aforementioned counterparts with precautions in colours and temple thickness. It is recommended to have sleek edges with minimal temples for prescription wear eyeglasses.

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