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Female Fertility

Change is constant. To change is the law of nature. Many traditions that were popular in the past are not even known by anyone today. Similarly, there was once a time when it was considered that children can make the family perfect. But this is not the fact as many couples are living a happy life without any children. Still, many believe that the void of not having a child cannot be filled.

A woman has to sacrifice a lot of things during the period of pregnancy. She has to leave her outings, fun activities, and parties, etc. She might have to compromise on her fitness at some point as well. She also has to bear the pain. Despite all these things, many women love to have babies.

If you are trying to get pregnant and still don’t manage to do so, it means that you have some infertility problems. There are different causes for women’s infertility, including irregular ovulation, damage or blockage to the fallopian tubules, or abnormalities of the uterine tube. Female infertility treatment involves different medications and sometimes surgery.

Other than proper treatment, your lifestyle can also boost your fertility or prevent infertility. Your daily routine has a deep effect on your fertility. Molding your lifestyle into the following one can help you to boost fertility.


Your diet has a deep effect on your overall body performance and functioning. A healthy diet can prevent you from several diseases. Inclusion and exclusion of some specific things from the diet can help you to deal with infertility problems. Following are some tips regarding diet that can help with fertility problems.

  • Eating food that is rich in antioxidants can increase the chances of fertility. Free radicals are present in the body. They can damage the eggs and lead to infertility. Antioxidants can deactivate these radicals
  • The rise in insulin levels can cause ovulatory infertility. So you should try to avoid taking trans fats, as they can negatively affect the insulin and cause infertility.
  • Try to cut down the supply of carbs to the body. This will help in menstrual regulations and keep the insulin levels low. It is also recommended for women with polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • Try to add more and more fibers to your diet. Fruits, vegetables, and beans can do the trick in this regard. Fibers can remove the excess amount of estrogen by binding with it, which is good for fertility.
  • Make sure that you are having a complete breakfast. Eating more in breakfast as compared to the rest of the day can help you to boost fertility. The women who eat a bigger breakfast have 30 percent more ovulation than other women.

Exercise Routine

Try to exercise regularly. It can have many positive effects on your body and mental health. It also helps in improving fertility. Exercise also assists you in maintaining your weight according to your age. A healthy weight can also improve fertility.

One thing you should keep in mind is that excessive exercise can have negative effects on your body as well. It can also affect the reproductive system. Females with obesity can do heavy exercises as well. But they should also do this under the guidance of a trainer. Rest during the exercise and after it is also necessary.

Things to Avoid

A healthy lifestyle also involves leaving some things. Following are the things that you should avoid to avoid infertility.

  • Tobacco present in cigarettes is closely associated with infertility. So you should try avoiding its use.
  • Heavy drinks that include alcohol in them can cause various ovulation disorders leading to infertility. So try to cut down the consumption of alcohol for better fertility.
  • An excessive amount of caffeine can also lead to infertility. Research shows that the females who take 500 caffeine per day take 9 to 10 months longer to get pregnant.


The above-given lifestyle can solve most of your infertility problems. Sometimes females might not get pregnant due to the infertility of their partner. For this purpose, they could take ICSI treatment in Lahore. It involves the direct injection of sperm into the egg.

Overall, females can adopt this lifestyle. Other than improving fertility, it has various good effects on your body as well.

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