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Positive psychology can be used to increase employee satisfaction and happiness. This is important because we spend (on average) half of our waking hours at work. Many business leaders recognize the importance in using these techniques in the workplace.

Staff are more likely to be engaged in their work when companies choose to create an environment that is positive. As bosses or businessmen, you can make employees happier by making positivity happen.

According to Andrew Starlike, here’s a few things to consider:

Positive Emotions

When we’re happy, we’re better at everything. When moods improve, we set higher goals and persist longer, experiencing less stress and fatigue and showing better cooperation and problem-solving skills.

A recent study shows that participants who list gratitude every day have increased activity in the happiness-associated parts of their brains. Of course, it is difficult to force happiness, but when we cultivate a ‘grateful mindset,’ sometimes happiness accompanies us.

It may sound strange, but some organizations have come up with new and innovative ways of bringing a culture of gratitude. For example, when staff leaders take a moment at the beginning of meetings to list nominations from their members for people or things they are grateful for. This idea can also reduce stress levels in workers by taking a break from the hectic, rushed reality of work and pausing to express thanks.


Science shows us that investing in our relationships is the best way to be happy. Evolution has wired us to connect with other people for survival. The connections we make can affect our happiness, and this process begins by fostering and building relationships.

Our moods are contagious. The reason for this is our mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are cells in the brain that would fire when someone is happy or sad, so if someone is happy next to us, the cells in our own brain that would have fired if we were to be happy also light up. This explains evolutionarily why this happens. The mirror neurons have helped us understand other people’s feelings and intentions better over time.

That happy staff high-five really made your day, didn’t it? Mirror neurons in your brain fired just like they would if you were right there. This is why the design of work spaces is so important. When people are physically close together, they feel more connected. That translates to better communication and collaboration.

I bet you’ve been sitting next to a friend or co-worker for a while and you don’t know much about them. Well, it’s time to change that. The central connection between social connections and happiness cannot be overstated. It’s time to get to know the people around you better.

Here’s a few ideas to get off the computer and connect with your colleagues- eating lunch in the canteen, organizing an after-work get-together, and even a more social lunch break. It might be daunting at first, but it can help you to get to know your colleagues while getting the mental break you need.


Hopefully, you’re not trying to fix yourself. If you are, you’re probably trying to change your lagging traits. Impossible. Instead, you should be trying to find what’s right with you. The staff engagement formula is about maximizing the strengths of your employees. Maxing out what’s already working will lead to more success for you and your business.


Accomplishment at work is the result of realistic goals supported by specific actions. Having accomplishments is crucial for happiness and success. Leaders can make it easier for their workers by involving strengths in future discussions. This type of win-win situation has many values found in Positive Psychology.

Your Goals

Setting goals is not enough! Goals should be set based on measurements, or at least specific steps. The key for productivity and happiness is to set individual, team, and organizational goals. These goals should be measurable, or at least have specific steps outlined to guide staff to their success.

A Last Though on Positive Psychology

Treat your staff with kindness and support. Positive psychology is necessary to increase the quality of life for employees. It makes them happier, satisfied, and more motivated to turn their company into an even better place.





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