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Ferdinand Bethier A Complete Journey of a Deaf Educator

Ferdinand Bethier was a very famous and well-known personality in the history of France who was known for his contribution to the education of France in the nineteenth century. He was known for his action which he took for the organization that should be used for representing the deaf community. The organization that he asked for the deaf community mainly aims for the culture and laws that are beneficial for providing mutual aid so that the people in the deaf community can work with each other hence a practical avenue was provided for all the deaf people all over the world. The people who were disabled were allowed to join the community irrespective of the distance and language people had.

The Early Life of Ferdinand Bethier

Ferdinand Bethier who was famous for setting up the organization of the deaf community was born in the year 1803. He was born in France where he completed his schooling after he completed his schooling he started doing his vocational training and skills development for working as a retailer. At the age of eight Ferdinand Bethier started attending an institute in Paris the National Institute for the Deaf.

He was doing his schooling and graduating he was inspired by a teacher who was known for the French sign language that he learned and also for the first systematic study and defense of the language that was published by the teacher named Roch-Ambroise Auguste Bebian. Being inspired by the teacher and also by the deaf students who later became teachers, Ferdinand Bethier became a professor at a school at the age of 27.

The Work of Ferdinand Bethier for the Deaf Community

The petition was signed by Ferdinand Bethier for the deaf community in the year 1837, but this was passed after one year for the deaf community that is present all over the world. After the petition was signed an organization was started by Ferdinand Bethier which was for the deaf community.

The organization started by Bethier was beneficial for them as it used to provide a practical avenue for deaf workers so that support could be offered with the help of mutual aid and the main action was to provide the community with a way to organize and attend education classes for adults.

The Act of Bethier for Deaf Community Culture

A balancing act was performed delicately by Ferdinand Bethier such as a passionate defender of deaf identity and sign language. Under the political climate and social environment, he defended the deaf identity by performing a balanced action. The books that were written by him also have information related to the deaf history and culture that the deaf community people inculcates. He was also famous for the poetry he used to do using his sign language and hence was known as the sign-language poet of his era.

The Awards and Honors that Ferdinand Berthier Receive

Ferdinand Berthier is known for his contribution to the work he has done for the community of deaf members and who played a major role in being an activist for the rights that should be provided to the deaf.

The Awards and Honors that Ferdinand Berthier Receive

The award that was used to honor him was the Chevalier da la Legion d’honneur which was used to honor him for his work that made society awake related to the rights to be provided for the physically handicapped person that is deaf community members and also for signing a petition that he signed for starting an organization for them.

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Books That were written by Ferdinand Berthier

Being a professor and a defender of the deaf community along with the organization that was started by Ferdinand Berthier, he became famous also because of the books that were published and the book was loved and read by the people of the deaf community all over the world.

Ferdinand Berthier books that were published and are available still on the sites selling books are mainly Forging Deaf Education in Nineteenth-Century Franch is mainly composed of the Biographical Sketches of the men who influenced him a lot in his life that he followed in his life and is also mentioned in the book.

This was the book whose English edition was made available and other books that were written by him were all available in the French edition. This book contains information about the way of Bebian who advocated sign language for deaf students. He also mentioned Sicard and Massieu having a positive impact on the deaf students along with criticizing them because they have signed a methodical signing that was for the spoken language conventions. And lastly, he mentioned Clerc who was honored for naturally signing for teaching deaf students.

What was the Cause of the death of Ferdinand Berthier? When did he Die?

Ferdinand Berthier who was a deaf educator and was known for the contribution he had to the community of deaf people was immense and hence should be remembered and is remembered every year by Google Doodle which celebrates his 220th birthday for paying tribute to the work he has contributed for the education and community organization for the deaf people.

The question was asked by the members of the community about Ferdinand Berthier how did he die? This information was made available to all the members of the community and was spread across the world Ferdinand Berthier died on 12th July of 1886 and the cause of his death was natural and Ferdinand Berthier age at the time of his death was 82 years.

Wrapping Up

In the end, the article can be wrapped up to remember the contribution and work that Ferdinand Berthier has done for the community of deaf people and hence show how proud the world is because of the actions he had performed for giving the rights to the people who are deaf. Also, he will be remembered because of his work in the world and his contribution. He was also known for the poetry he used to do using the sign language.

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