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Few Ideas of Wooden Swings: Their Types and Usage Wooden Swings were very common since ancient times. As centuries passed by, its usefulness saw no decline. So carpenters brought out new ideas to give some renovation to it with time. So, if you’re planning to buy wooden swing sets to decorate a house or porch! Here are some ideas which will help during the process. Types of wooden Swings sets: There are various types of Wooden metal Swings like – Porch Swing set: These are wooden swings that are mostly used for the porches, it may be single seated or multi-seated with a wooden stand. Sometimes these are rustic in look or made comfortable enough with a cushion to sit on. Indian swing: These are traditional Jhulas with no backrest, tied with ropes on both ends. They are mostly seen in old homes of India. Indoor wooden Swing: These are modern swings with swing sets. It comes with decorative wooden stands and chains for beautifying the living room. Chair Swing: These swings are only for the individual who loves their own company. These are constructed with wood and come in various styles and patterns today.

Know more about the swing sets
  1. Wooden Swing is most commonly known as Jhula still stands in many old and new houses. It consists of the larger swinging seat to accommodate more people.
  2.  metal Swing sets that are made of woods are manufactured with redwood, pinewood, teakwood and cedar wood. But it’s better to opt for Teakwood as it’s more durable and value for money.
  3. Wooden Swings come in different colours, shapes and sizes along with swinging accessories to hang it according to one’s need. Added cushion and pillow makes it even more comforting for all.
  4. Swing sets that are made of wood are mostly of two types- wooden swing with a stand and wooden swings with chains. Choose for a stand swing set if you want to place it inside the living room. Prefer a hanging swing set if you love to enjoy swinging under an open balcony.
  5. Wooden swings are durable and are polished with anti-termite oil for a long lasting effect, preventing it from insects and fungus. It is rust resistant as well.
  6. There is a wide range of swing sets to choose from, starting from those who prefer old-school furniture to those who prefer to make their adobe classy.
Wooden swings are available online in India: Wooden swings nowadays are available online in India. Online site provides information like price, pictures, and descriptions like size, shape, wood type, colour, measurements and finish of the wooden swing. It comes with cushions if ordered likewise. The price of the wooden swing along with the set starts from around Rs. 20,000 approx. and increases depending upon its quality and designs. So it is more preferable to sit together, decide and buy online without dragging people to respective shops to choose one. Furniture that is adding changes to life. To keep children away from TV, computers, and cell phones, place a wooden swing inside the house. It will help them play with their toys and swing happily. Even the Older adult will love to have it in their home. It will help them pass their time reading books. So bring a smile to the face of loved ones and add exquisiteness to your home by including single piece furniture to your old suite. If you want more durable swing set than the metal swing  and Porch Swing set is the best option for anyone. A metal swing set can last for a lifetime. This will stand year after year even in rainy or snowy weather. You may buy it for your children but I hope your grandchildren can also enjoy the same swing set.]]>

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